dallas comic con fan days 2014 feature

The Best Cosplay of Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days 2014

Held annually every fall, Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days hosts a wide variety of activities as well as celebrity guests and industry professionals. Our own Matt Morrison was there on the floor, taking pictures of the cosplayers and exhibits. He was also present for the post-con Saturday Night Shindig, which feature a performance by nerd-rock sensation Johnathan […]

doctor who review mummy on the orient express

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”

If you want to have a final goodbye, travelling on the Orient Express across a hyper space ribbon past a swirling black hole is probably a good way of doing it. The idea is so good in fact, it cancelled Clara and The Doctor’s goodbye plans! So it failed as a last hurrah… but did […]

spiderman 2099 5 feature

Comic Review: SPIDER-MAN 2099 #5

Original Spider-Man 2099 artist Rick Leonardi reunites with writer Peter David! Cause for celebration, right? Unfortunately, no. This feels more like a fill-in issue (which it is) than an epic reunion. Leonardi’s art is serviceable yet lackluster, and compared to his thrilling work on the original title the results are nothing short of disappointing. David’s […]



There is a blue box. It is called the TARDIS. It can go anywhere in time and space. Sometimes it goes where it is meant to go, but it always goes where it needs to be. And when it goes where it needs to be instead of where it is meant to go, it also […]

doctor who review kill the moon

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E07 “Kill the Moon”

The initial next time trailer for “Kill the Moon” hyped me beyond belief with all the corpses of an other world colony stuck to the walls, eight legged creatures unexpectedly jumping at people’s faces, and the final shot from the trailer showing a completely smooth spider’s head with a horrific set of teeth. It all seemed to […]