RICK AND MORTY Season 2 Episode 2 [Review]

[WARNING – Mild SPOILERS below.] Is there anything more American than a family outing in the car, with an elder male teaching an eager teenager how to drive? Not that many things. But it’s a fair bet that Norman Rockwell never imagined the grandfather being drunk or the vehicle in question being a space-worthy, reality-hopping […]

star wars 7 review header

STAR WARS #7 [Review]

Marvel’s Star Wars comic books have been such an outstanding home-run thus far, and that continues here. Star Wars #7 takes a break from the adventures happening in a time before The Empire Strikes Back, and tells a tale about a character we had not yet seen in the series: beloved Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. […]


RICK AND MORTY Season 2 Episode 1 [Review]

[WARNING – Mild SPOILERS below.] Rick and Morty is a favorite of the staff here at Kabooooom. Since the release of Oni Press‘ Rick and Morty comic in April 2015, the book has never failed to appear on The Pull List whenever it came out. We’ve all been looking forward to the release of season 2 of […]

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THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Episodes 6 & 7 [Review]

[WARNING – This review does contain SPOILERS.] (Note: This is a review of both episodes six and seven of The Last Ship as they work better as a part one and two than as single narrative episodes.) “Long Day’s Journey” fairly straight forward episode, following Chandler and his men as they track the Cult of […]


NAKED AND AFRAID XL Season 1 Episode 3 [Review]

[WARNING – Mild SPOILERS below.] With this third episode, Naked and Afraid XL has officially jumped the shark. Any doubt that the educational aspects of the original series have been abandoned in favor of manufactured drama have been as thoroughly eliminated as Honora Bowen, who quickly taps out near the start of the episode. Sadly, […]