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THE LAST SHIP Season 2, Episode 4 [Review]

[WARNING – Mild SPOILERS below.] For the past few weeks, The Last Ship has been moving at break neck speeds as it goes about wrapping up season 1 plot lines, setting up new plots threads, and introducing new characters while saying goodbye to others. All the while, the series has also been slowly pulling away […]


ARROW SEASON 2.5 #23 [Review]

The madman Caleb Green lies dying, impaled upon the flaming debris of what was Queen Manor. A philosophical man might ponder the double irony – that in attempting to destroy the House of Queen that he blamed for ruining his life by turning the physical house of the Queen Family into a fiery deathtrap, Caleb […]

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It’s tricky in this day and age to take a successful movie franchise from a previous decade and completely rejuvenate it through a sequel or reboot. When it works it really pays off, like with Jurassic World or Mad Max: Fury Road earlier this year. When it doesn’t work, you end up with movies like this tire fire – Terminator Genisys. Going into […]

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SECRET WARS #4 [Review]

The Marvel 616 universe has been around since 1961, and the Ultimate 1610 universe has been around since 2000. To end both of them simultaneously in order to relaunch the Marvel Comics universe is extremely ambitious. For a writer to pull this off flawlessly is nearly impossible, but not unlike God Doom himself, Jonathan Hickman […]