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The Kabooooom! Pull List, 9.17.14 Edition

The Kabooooom! Pull List, 9.17.14 Edition

In this week's Pull List the Kabooooom! Crew recommends Edge of Spider-Verse #2, Avengers #35, Shutter #6, Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two #24 & more!
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Comic Review: NUMBER #2

Comic Review: NUMBER #2

The first page of Number #2 introduces us to Rose: 33-years-old, waiting for her Obamacare to kick in, and riding a skateboard while drunk. Somewhere, perhaps eating plain yogurt in a desolate New York Times breakroom, A.O. Scott feels a mysterious twinge of pain The death of the American adult and a wonton disregard for...
NEXT GEN: Elemental Chaos

NEXT GEN: Elemental Chaos

Apple just unveiled their new gadgets, and all that’s been said about it has already been said.  Though I’m happy that I can finally get a Pip-Boy in real life.  Now all I need is a Gauss Rifle, and I’ll be ready to roam the wastelands. Admittedly, I also enjoy pumpkin spice. “Next Gen” is...


George Pérez is well known as a writer and artist who manages to treat his female characters as figures whose actions and decision influence and affect the narrative. This shouldn’t be a fact that gets noteworthy praise, but sadly, for every Greg Rucka or Kieron Gillen there are dozens of creators who simply don’t get...
Comic Review: INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US - Year Two #24

Comic Review: INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US – Year Two #24

In the wake of Lois Lane’s death at the hands of The Joker, Superman has become obsessed with providing security to the people of Earth at any cost. This, coupled with the revelation that The Guardians of Oa allowed Krypton to die, has driven a wedge between the superhumans of Earth and sparked a war...
TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E04 "Listen"

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E04 “Listen”

Fans for years have been annoyed by Doctor Who‘s disjointed episodes crammed full of too many ridiculous ideas. All many of us have wanted is a simple premise with a clever solution and we’ve wanted Steven Moffat to heed what we have been saying in reviews, vlogs, and via angry twitter messages. What Moffat really needs to...
NEXT GEN: Heroine Addict [Part 3]

NEXT GEN: Heroine Addict [Part 3]

I want to share this article one last time.  Perhaps part of the problem is the demographic that most of these film companies are trying to reach? “Next Gen” is a comic about the world of comic books, video games, and movies.  It’s also about the equally vast world of familial relationships.  Its author is Tim Jones,...
Comic Review: WILD'S END #1

Comic Review: WILD’S END #1

BOOM! Studios’ solicits for Wild’s End cited Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End) as reason readers would love the book. Apart from some superficial similarities the two do not have much in common with each other – thus far, anyway. Though that could easily change over the course...
Comic Review: Michael Moorcock's ELRIC VOL. 1: THE RUBY THRONE

Comic Review: Michael Moorcock’s ELRIC VOL. 1: THE RUBY THRONE

Melniboné.  The Dragon Isle. A land of Magic and Wickedness, where the blood and souls of human slaves are traded to dark gods for the glory of the ruling elite. Here one may find The Dreaming City of Imrryr, where the Emperors of Melniboné have ruled over all they survey and more for ten thousand years....
TV Review: SONS OF ANARCHY S07E01 "Black Widower"

TV Review: SONS OF ANARCHY S07E01 “Black Widower”

The season 6 finale of Sons of Anarchy was one of the most shocking season finales in recent memory.  Over the summer, fans of the hit series contemplated exactly where the show would go for its final season.  After all, now that creator Kurt Sutter has decided to finish SAMCRO’s story, pretty much anything could...
The Kabooooom! Pull List, 9.10.14 Edition

The Kabooooom! Pull List, 9.10.14 Edition

Here at Kaboooooom we live and breathe comic books, but if you’re new to the game or just don’t frequent the local comic shop it can be hard to know where to start. For that, we’re here to help. Every week we’ll share with you our recommendations for what you should checking out and what...