Guide to NYCC Day Two: Video Games

New York Comic-Con is right around the corner and with it comes crowds, chaos and the ever present con crud. This year, Kabooooom will be right in the thick of things covering as many panels, Q&As and random happenings as possible. Of course, you’ll need a guide to get help you spend your time at all the best panels and events. we’re here to help! Can’t make it to NYCC? Then consider our guide a preview of the things that we’ll be covering and stay tuned for liveblog coverage during the show!


Welcome back to Kabooooom’s guide to NYCC! The Con will be opening at 10am on Friday, Day Two, so be sure to get in line early! Now onto the schedule of video games panels!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (10:45 am – 11:45 am)
Official Description: “East Meets West: Art Direction for a Worldwide Audience”. The panel will consist of a guided presentation of FFXIII-2’s art direction, followed by a discussion with an Art Director working on a top-tier North American RPG. The panel will close with the reveal of a collaborative art project.
Why We Like It: Although Final Fantasy XIII was not well received, the sequel has had great press lately and what we’ve seen so far looks promising. This panel will be looking at the art direction and if Final Fantasy always has one thing, it’s superb art. You should check it out if you’re a fan of the series.
Location: MTV Theater, 1A10

Batman: Arkham City (12:15 pm – 1:15 pm)
Official Description: Get the inside scoop on Batman: Arkham City, the highly-anticipated follow-up to the hit game Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Guinness World Record holder for the “Most Critically-Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever.” Be among the first to see and hear new details about the next chapter in Batman’s gritty, immersive world – including some surprise reveals about the game and its characters – from the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy (Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: The Animated Series); front man Claudio Sanchez of the popular progressive rock band “Coheed and Cambria,” which wrote and performed the track “Deranged” featured on Batman: Arkham City – The Album; and Rocksteady Studios Game Director Sefton Hill (Batman: Arkham Asylum), and more. And don’t leave early … there are special prizes lurking in the shadows.
Why We Like It: Batman: Arkham City is one of the most expected games this year and for good reason. Arkham Asylum was one of the best super hero games out ever and Arkham City promises to build upon the foundation of it. Plus Kevin Conroy and Claudio Sanchez will be there. It’s going to be a blast.
Location: IGN Theater

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (1:30 pm – 2:30 pm)
Official Description: Creating a World Worth Saving with R.A. Salvatore. For the upcoming video game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, New York Times Best Selling Author R.A. Salvatore, created over 10,000 years of rich history and lore. Join R.A., and members of the development team to learn what it takes to truly bring a world, its people, and their stories to life.
Why We Like It: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning looks to be a great addition to any RPG gamers collection. With Todd McFarlane working on the art and R.A. Salvatore working on the story this game will look dark and have a great story. Check out it if you’re a fan of the genre or if you want to dabble in the RPG genre!
Location: 1A24

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Main Panel (2:30 pm – 3:30 pm)
Official Description: N/A
Why We Like It: It’s the Old Republic. I’ve been waiting for this game for 6 years. Just go. Lightsabers, the force and space battles.
Location: MTV Theater, 1A10

EA – The Secret World (4:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
Official Description: Join Funcom for an exclusive live demo of their hotly-anticipated new MMO The Secret World. Presented by Funcom creative director Ragnar Tørnquist, The Secret World is set in the modern world and asks, “What if every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend was true?” In the game, players join one of three secret societies fighting the forces of darkness and maintaining a fragile balance of power from the shadows. The game will take players on an epic journey across the globe from Seoul to NYC and from London to Cairo, experiencing dark secrets from each culture. The Secret World also gives many MMO conventions a fresh spin, with no levels and no character classes. Offering true freedom of progression, the game encourages gamers to experiment with skills, weapons and powers to create characters and playstyles that are as unique as the players themselves. Come by for an in-depth preview of the game and discover the deepest secrets of The Secret World. Panel brought to you by
Why We Like It: This MMO is going to try and break the mold and give players a fresh take on the genre. I’m going to give it a chance only because I’ve heard good things about it and I’m intrigued by the idea of this “true freedom of progression”.
Location: 1A24

Street Fighter X Tekken (5:15 pm – 6:15 pm)
Official Description: Legendary Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono will provide the latest update on the highly anticipated fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken – the ultimate fighting game team up! Come hear, firsthand, just what is in store for your favorite Street Fighter and Tekken characters in this explosive genre defining game. Street Fighter fans are encouraged to come in costume as Capcom deems Friday to be “Street Fighter Day”! Some lucky fans may be called onstage to demonstrate their mad fighting skills firsthand to win awesome prizes! Followed by a Q&A session plus some special surprises!
Why We Like It: If you’re a fan of either of these franchises you’re probably counting down the days until this game is released. Having the ability to combine characters from both franchises in your team will lead to interesting combinations. I’m very intrigued by the how the fighting game pros will take to the game.
Location: American Airlines Theater, 1A06

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Q&A Panel with (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm)
Official Description: N/A
Why We Like It: This again. See above. But really, it’s a MMO about Star Wars. This panel will be interesting if only to know what questions will be asked and if they’ll be able to give direct answers. Maybe we’ll find out the early access date!
Location: American Airlines Theater, 1A06


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