REVIEW: Batwoman #1

Batwoman #1

Colors by DAVE STEWART / Letters by TODD KLEIN

What started out as a part of Greg Rucka’s run on Detective Comics transformed into a very promising solo title. Batwoman, written by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman, is quintessential example of what inaugural issue should be. Williams and Blackman skillfully craft an admirable story that is enriched with fully developed characters and is complimented by stunning artwork.

Instead of launching us into the action, Williams and Blackman introduce us to La Llorna, a spirit, who drowns children. While this may seem strange at first, we soon find out that there’s been recent cases of missing children in Gotham. As the story unfolds, we see Kate Kane rise to the occasion and boy, does she look good doing it. Williams and Blackman are aware that when dealing with mystery; pacing is key. They build suspense with a mixture of characters’ emotions and heavy subject matter. At no point, does the story seem rushed. Williams and Blackman do a commendable job transitioning. The locations change quite a bit, but not once does the reader feel lost.

Williams also delivers with stunning artwork. It is always a good feeling when the art turns a good comic into a great one. William has a way with panel placement that will put other artists to shame. There are certain pages that look busy at first glance, but you soon realize that Williams has reason for it. Colorist Dave Stewart does a tremendous job bringing Williams artwork to life (I never loved red as much as I did in this book). There is a pleasant mixture of an old school comic feel and a gloomy graphic novel.

There should be nothing stopping you from buying this comic. The creative team is sensational and the script thus far seems promising to say the very least. You will be doing your comic collection a favor by adding this series.

 WRITING: 4 / ART: 5 / OVERALL: 4.5

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