REVIEW: Mister Terrific #1

Colors by MIKE ATIYEAH / Letters by DAVE SHARPE

No comic book is created equal. Despite the success of the New 52, it is hard to believe that DC would hit the ball out of the park with every release. Mister Terrific #1 is a book that was poorly organized and was not that entertaining. Eric Wallace tried to make Michael Holt seem interesting and complex, but instead we just get an origin story of the third smartest man in the DC Universe. It’s as underwhelming as it sounds.

Regardless of our job title, superhero or not, we as individuals strive to be the best at whatever it is we do (or maybe it is just me). Wallace on the other hand has a different view. He decided to take the world’s third smartest man and write a comic that ends up in last place. Mister Terrific #1 starts off like many other recent titles, in the thick of the action. While this may work for other comics, the opening action scene in this issue does not save us from bad dialogue and unfunny quips. If that wasn’t enough, Wallace stuffs the rest of the comic with too much information and an uninteresting script. Out of all the origin stories I have read so far, Mister Terrific has to be the worst. There is nothing in this comic that makes you love Michael Holt as a character. Mister Terrific #1 proves that some superheroes are not built for a solo series.

The artwork in this issue makes Mister Terrific look like Mister Mediocre. Gianluca Gugliotta teases us with a pleasant looking opening page, but the rest of the book is a downward spiral. Gugliotta’s art lacks consistency. The characters’ faces and poses look downright awkward. There is a certain amount of detail and effort that need to go into a reboot. Unfortunately, that effort is just not found.

After rereading Mister Terrific #1, the only way I can see it lasting as series is if there in a new creative team behind it. I am in no way knocking Wallace and Gugliotta’s ability as creators, but they just don’t deliver with issue. All the essentials needed for a solid reboot (plot, character development, inviting art) are just not there.


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