O.M.A.C. #1

Colors by HI-FI / Letters by TRAVIS LANHAM

O.M.A.C., also known as One Man Army Corps was a surprising addition to the new 52 roster. Many fans may only be familiar with O.M.A.C. from it’s appearance in Infinite Crisis but O.M.A.C. was originally pitched as Jack Kirby’s vision of a Captain America in the future. This iteration has it’s moments but ultimately fails to live up to it’s storied pedigree.

We’re thrust right into action as the issue begins and it continues right up until the last reveal at the end of the book. Dan Didio and Keith Giffen do a good job at packing nonstop action in this book, which a lot of comics are missing these days, but there was not enough of story backing it up to give it more substance. Now there isn’t a complete lack of story, it’s sprinkled through the issue with hints on who O.M.A.C. really is and who he’s working for. Didio and Giffen included a quick origin sequence in the form of a psychic flashback but it felt forced and could have been done differently. The reveal at the end brought back a familiar entity with ties to O.M.A.C. but if you’ve ever read anything to do with O.M.A.C. you’ll have guessed who it was way before the issues end.

The art is reminiscent of Jack Kirby’s original style and is by far the saving grace of this book. The panel layout has a classic feel to it and adds a wonderful sense of nostalgia to the book. The bright colors bring the book back to feeling more like a Bronze Age Comic instead of the more modernistic style with darker colors and darker themes within the book.

O.M.A.C. has an interesting concept but with the quality of the other titles being released alongside it, it will most likely be overlooked. Hopefully as the series continues it will become much more engaging in terms of the story with the art maintaining it’s classic quality.

 WRITING: 2.5 / ART: 3 / OVERALL: 2.75

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