REVIEW: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS / Art by SARA PICHELLI
Colors by JUSTIN PONSOR / Letters by VC’S CORY PETIT

Returning to stands after a stellar first issue earlier this month, Bendis and Pichelli continue to capture our hearts with the origin tale of the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Just like in the origin arc for the initial run on Ultimate Spider-Man, Bendis has yet to put Morales in the suit and it’s helping develop his character to a much greater degree.

Bendis’ writing conveys Morales’ fear magnificently throughout this issue. He is dealing with the idea that he may very well be a mutant and in this New York mutants are despised due to the events of Ultimatum (If you haven’t read it, it’s the event that killed about half the Ultimate Universe heroes). After revealing another power that Morales will have at his disposal, Bendis grounds him with the introduction of another character in his life.

Enter Ganke, Morales’ best friend, who will likely become his confidant during his adventures as Spider-Man. The conversation that ensues is filled with curiosity, confusion and shock, which should be expected from middle-schoolers toying with the idea of super powers. This is what you would expect from kids this age because if it was me, I’d be going absolutely insane trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Ganke should be an interesting character in the book because unlike Peter, Miles has a character that isn’t in love with him that knows his secret and does not have powers himself. I could see Ganke developing resentment towards Morales because of his powers as the book continues causing a rift between the two.

The best scene in this issue though is the talk Morales’ father has with him on the subject of his uncle and their shared past. Bendis exposes Morales’ father’s shame and uneasiness about this subject with heartbreaking dialogue on the subject. This entire scene brings to mind that one moment you have with a parent when they tell you something about their life they never wanted you to know. This is one of the most poignant scenes I’ve read in a comic in a very long time.

Pichelli’s art maintains it’s quality from the first issue and invigorates the book as a whole. The scene with Morales and his father talking over the past is sublime. The character’s are drawn with elaborate expressions and even without the dialogue you would know exactly what they’re feeling. This doesn’t just apply to the main characters of the book though. In the background you see detailed characters walking around the park and interacting with each other. Pichelli’s work shows that she is having a great time with the book, if only from the high standard of art she is producing.

With the second issue out on the stands and the third issue making it’s way out to us within the next couple of weeks, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is setting the stage to become one of the best titles out now. If you have yet to give any books on the Ultimate line a chance, I highly recommend trying this book out. It may seem like a gamble at first but trust me, Bendis and Pichelli will make sure it pays off in the end.



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