REVIEW: Uncanny X-Force #15

REVIEW: Uncanny X-Force #15

Colors by DEAN WHITE / Letters by CORY PETIT

Rick Remender and Jerome Opena’s Uncanny X-Force has been an absolutely epic journey through some of the divisive X-stories in X-Men history. As the Dark Angel Saga continues, it’s clear that Remender and Opena are solidifying themselves as two of the best storytellers that the franchise has ever known.

You know that you’re reading a truly great X-Men story when the “X-Men event that will change everything forever” pales in comparison. This is a comic book that has it all, a sci-fi epic spanning alternate realities, starring twisted psychopaths and impressively, not featuring Wolverine on every other page. Remender has crafted a story that relies on the sum of its parts not on the characer with top billing. Wolverine is absent in this chapter and Deathlok and Fantomex really take centerstage, proving why they have their spots on the team. What’s really crazy is the breakneck speed of everything despite how much is going on. There’s a sentient bullet, more about The World, the dawning of a new Horseman of Death (!) and naturally a lot of panels of Deadpool eating. If you’re a little lost, you won’t be when you read the book. Despite being a few issues into an arc, it’s still a great starting point for new readers.

Remender has effectively mined the stories that have come before his and extracted the best bits to serve his story better than they served their original one. By embracing and expanding on the mythos of the Age of Apocalypse, Remender has brought a sense of urgency and adventure to UXF that is not only missing on most X-books at the moment but is missing in most comic book in general.

But Remender couldn’t do it alone. Jerome Opena has turned in page after page of phenomenal art that are taken to the next level by Dean White’s colors. The man is a master of his craft, bringing a tangible quality to Opena’s art that makes is literally uncanny. The original Age of Apocalypse left an outline for this world, but these men have taken that outline, thrown it away and improved upon it in ways that its initial creators could never have dreamed.

This comic book proves that good storytelling is priceless. If this book was $6.99 I’d still buy it. By combining an unpredictable sci-fi epic with the more classic dramatic elements of the relationships between characters in the X-universe, Remender, Opena and White have truly crafted a story for the ages and this issue continues in that tradition.


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