Guide to NYCC Day Four: Anime/Manga

New York Anime Festival is right around the corner and with it comes crowds, chaos and the ever present con crud. This year, Kabooooom will be right in the thick of things covering as many panels, Q&As and random happenings as possible. Of course, you’ll need a guide to get help you spend your time at all the best panels and events. we’re here to help! Can’t make it to NYAF? Then consider our guide a preview of the things that we’ll be covering and stay tuned for liveblog coverage during the show!


All good things must come to an end and NYCC is no different.  Don’t worry friends,  here are a few things that will help  end your weekend with a bang!

VIZ Media (10:45 am – 11:45 am)
Official Description: VIZ Media’s 25th Anniversary celebrations continue with a special panel packed with exciting news on upcoming releases and prizes for our fans! VIZ Media staff will provide the latest updates on new acquisitions and upcoming releases, as well as give the scoop on groundbreaking new projects!
Why We Like It: Avid manga readers know that VIZ Media produces books with the best publication style. We are excited to see what VIZ has up its sleeves this year and we can win a prize or two!
Location: 1A23

Tekken: Blood Vengeance in 3D (1:30 pm – 4:00 pm)
Official Description: SPECIAL LIVE APPEARANCE BY DAI SATO (Screenwriter) and KATSUHIRO HARADA (Tekken Game Producer)! Based on the hit video game from Namco Bandai Games! Ling Xiaoyu is dispatched to an international school to spy on Shin Kamiya, a victim of a secret genetic experiments that may hold the key to the M Cell. While investigating, she befriends Alisa Bosconovitch who also shows an interest in Shin. Their new friendship is put to the test as they are caught in the middle of the Mishima family feud. Written by Dai Soto (Cowboy Bebop, Wolf’s Rain, Ghost in the Shell), this CGI animated feature takes the world of Tekken to a new level!
Why We Like It: A movie starring Ling Xiaoyu? Yes, please! If Tekken in CGI doesn’t make you want to attend this panel, I am convinced you are not human.
Location: IGN Theater

Hatsune Miku: After MIKUNOPOLIS (4:00pm – 5:30 pm)
Official Description: Hiroyuki Itoh (CEO of Crypton Future Media) and Toshihiro Fukuoka (Editor in Chief of TOKYO KAWAII Magazine) speak about Hatsune Miku’s grown around the world. On July 2, 2011, Hatsune Miku made an onstage appearance in the United States at long last. Rather than being the ultimate goal, it will be the point of departure for Hatsune Miku’s future in America. We would like to look back the history of Hatsune Miku, while talking about what is to come for her over the next year. For the last 30 minutes, we will show a specially edited video of the concert, MIKUNOPOLIS, shown to the world for the first time.
Why We Like It: Hastune Miku finally reached the east coast! As you may remember, Ms. Miku performed in LA, while we were stuck watching clips on Youtube. This time things are looking up; Kiroyuki Itoh and Toshihiro Fukuoka are showing an exclusive edited video of the concert!
Location: American Airlines Theater, 1A06


Keep it right here for all your NYCC needs! And feel free to visit our NYCC hubpage for as much up-to-date information as we can possibly muster! To make sure you get into the right line for NYCC please check here or you may not be allowed in!

Header photo by Kevin Qiu, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

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