NEWS: Marvel Announces a “New” Fantastic Four

Marvel's Venom Event will find these characters on very different paths that eventually converge.Rick Remender, Rob Williams and Jeff Parker are bringing us a crossover of epic proportions in February 2012. The currently titled, “Venom Event” will find Venom, X-23, Red Hulk and Ghost Rider in Las Vegas acting as a new kind of Fantastic Four, spinning out of the foundation of ideas laid by Walt Simonson and Art Adams with their “New Fantastic Four” storyline that featured Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man.

“The reality is that these characters came together as an offshoot of that Walt Simonson/Art Adams run,” said Rick Remender. “We’ve worked really hard to make sure this is a character story. In fact, Jeff’s entire issue is a character story where he’s defining one of these characters in a major way for one story.”

The action will play out in issues of Venom numbered #13, #13.1, #13.2, #13.3, #13.4 and #14. The other writers will have their time to shine and other creators (such as X-23‘s Marjorie Liu) have been consulted in the usage of their characters despite not having a direct hand in the writing.

Unlike other Marvel events that feature largely established characters, this iteration’s place as legacy characters there is a lot more room to explore their personalities and reasons for being. Coupled with the salacious setting of Sin City, these characters are on a crash course to find themselves and readers could be in for an entirely engaging crossover event.

“They’re all second generation characters in a lot of ways,” said Rob Williams. “They’re going into this thing as one version of themselves, and by the time it’s over they’ll all be changed.”

NEWS: Marvel Announces "New" Fantastic Four

Marvel’s Venom Event will kick off in February 2012 with a 30 page Venom #13 drawn by Tony Moore. Stefano Caselli will be providing covers for the crossover.


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