NEWS: Marvel Cancels “Alpha Flight”

Guess this one isn’t going to be an ongoing after all. Alpha Flight will end with issue #8.
Here’s what Greg Pak had to say on Twitter:

Fans and friends, I’m sorry to confirm that #AlphaFlight will indeed end with issue #8…

But the book was originally conceived as an 8 issue mini, so we’re still telling the big, fun story we intended from the start.

THANK YOU,  #AlphaFlight fans — you guys are the best and have provided us huge amounts of fun and inspiration. And have no fear…

…the story’s heading for a huge, satisfying ending that@fredvanlente and I have been champing at the bit to unleash for months.

Massive kudos to penciller @daleeaglesham, colorist @soniaoback, letter @simonbowland, & editors @markpaniccia &@JakeGThomas

And a big Sasquatch hug to my fellow commiter-of-outrage against Canadian sensibilities, co-writer @fredvanlente#AlphaFlight

Finally, DO NOT MISS THE NEXT THREE ISSUES! We’re pulling out all the stops and it’s gonna be a blast. Now, an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW…

Two pages from #AlphaFlight #6 – @daleeaglesham &@soniaoback art like you’ve NEVER seen before!

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