NEWS: Marvel Reveals Final FF #600 Teaser

Marvel’s first family will be hitting landmark issue #600 and we’ve learned the current FF book will split into two books, FF and Fantastic Four. Both books will be written by current FF scribe Jonathan Hickman.

To celebrate the occasion, they’ve released the a teaser featuring Galactus with the words “Very soon, your world is going to be broken.”

Heavy, man.

FF #600 Teaser

UPDATE (10/18):

Now we have a Black Bolt teaser!

FF #600 Black Bolt


UPDATE (10/19)
Enter Annihilus.

FF Teaser #3  

UPDATE (10/20):
Looks like the Future Foundation kids are getting into some trouble.

FF Teaser #3 

UPDATE (10/21):
This is not the future we were promised.

FF #600 Teaser 5 


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