REVIEW: Catwoman #2

Catwoman #2Written by JUDD WINICK / Art by GUILLEM MARCH
Colors by TOMEU MOREY / Letters by SAL CIPRIANO

The Internet has made me feel bad about liking Catwoman. So much of the focus has been on the T & A, that many people have lost sight of the story we’re getting with it. Now granted, that story might not be for everyone but it’s really not a bad one.

That being said, we didn’t really need to see Selina and Bats basking in the afterglow. It’s a little much considering that we got the idea at the end of the last issue. No need to beat us over the head with something like that.

Once Selina gets her pants back on, we get to the good stuff. She steals a trophy from the Russians to get back at Renaud, a mobster with a mysterious connection to Selina’s past. The burglary scene is absolutely perfect. Judd Winick writes one page of four panels with almost no text. It’s playful and sneaky just like Ms. Kyle herself. This simple scene sums up the kinds of antics I hope we start to see more of.

The problem so far with Catwoman is that we’re now two issues in and her connection to Lola hasn’t fully been explained (and now I suppose it won’t be) and this Renaud character isn’t a very imposing villain. I mean, he’s a bad guy who works for a bunch of bad guys but his connection to Selina’s past is fuzzy. It’s not clear exactly hat happened there.

Despite a dull villain to begin the book, it thrives on continuing the Alias/spy-TV-show style of the first issue. Seline is in disguise again and this time Bruce Wayne notices. Because this is Catwoman and not Batman, we start to see Bruce the way that other characters see him and in this instance, he comes off exactly the way he wants to be perceived by the public: a hard partying, unapologetic, pig-headed playboy billionaire. It’s interesting to see his ruse working especially when we get to see his true intentions. Winick is sure to include plenty of action but I feel like he goes a little over-the-top with the violence. While I understand that Selina has been traumatized by this guy, I just don’t think it’s her style to be literally scratching his eyes out to that extent. But in the end, Selina is punished for pursuing her own personal crusade and Winick introduces a true big bad for the book. We’ll see how that pans out.

Guillem March is a great fit for this book. His style is well-suited for drawing the ladies. While many people might argue that it’s these kinds of portrayals of women that lead to further objectification, I think it’s more of a celebration of the female form than anything else. His attention to detail is really impressive. Nothing is simply a solid color if it can be a patterned fabric instead. There is a texture to his line work that isn’t always seen in superhero comics. It’s refreshing to see close attention paid not just to the characters themselves but to their clothing, the way they move, the backgrounds and the objects around them.

Catwoman is a fun, sexy comic book. The story could use some work but as an introduction to the character it does provide a serviceable foundation. with the introduction of a credible threat, we should see the stakes get higher and the dangers becoming more real for Selina Kyle and friends. Guillem March continues his outstanding work and if nothing else people should pick this up for some pretty art.

 WRITING: 2.5 / ART: 5 / OVERALL: 3.75

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