REVIEW: The Fury of Firestorm #1

The Fury of Firestorm #1Written by GAIL SIMONE & ETHAN VANSCIVER (co-plotter)

Firestorm was one of the major characters in Brightest Day this past year and after the relaunch, it’s led to the character receiving his own title. Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver are plotting out a new take on the character with Yildiray Cinar handling the art duties for the series. Simone tackles issues concerning racism and uses nuclear superpowers to bring two young men together while Cinar teeters on the edge of standard to amazing in terms of the artwork.

Simone and Sciver are putting a very unique twist on the character with this relaunch, giving Firestorm a more intricate origin. The new way Ronnie and Jason become the titular characters is extremely interesting and the writers drop some hints that these two might not be the only two Firestorms that we see during the course of this series.

Simone also brings up the idea of racism within the book during dinner with the character’s parents as well as within the school itself. Although she does a good job with showing us how easy it is to ignore the fact and how people delude themselves, overall it felt forced. It was like being forced to watch one of those old after-school specials. I understand that this is part of the conflict between the main characters but it wasn’t the best part of the issue.

Cinar’s art built up over the course of the entire issue. At the start it was nothing to really write home about but once the main characters became Firestorm is when the gears really started turning. The action combined with costume designs re-energized the book and kept me much more interested in what was going on. Steve Buccellato’s color work gives the book the push it needs to make it great. The scenes with the Firestorms are bright and make it seem like if you were there, staring at the nuclear men would blind you.

The Fury of Firestorm has the makings to become one of the great books in DC’s new line up. The final page of the book creates a lot of questions and the answers can’t come soon enough. Simone and Sciver have created a compelling new take on the character and as long as Cinar’s drawing the heroes more often, this book should do well.

 WRITING: 4 / ART: 3.5 / OVERALL: 3.75

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