REVIEW: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS
Colors by JUSTIN PONSOR / Letters by VC’S CORY PETIT

The path being laid out for the new Spider-Man by Bendis and Pichelli has been a joy to follow and continues with issue #3 of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. These master creators are endearing Miles Morales to readers with a maturity unseen in most 13-year-olds. It’s fantastic to see that they’re not trying give us a replacement Peter Parker. Instead they’re giving us a fresh take on Spider-Man as young man who doesn’t necessarily want these powers and just wants to forget about them.

Bendis starts the issue off slow, planting seeds of a familial issue that will likely blow up in Morales’s face eventually but soon after he throws Morales into some heroics for the first time. He arrives at a burning building and after some reassurance from Ganke, Morales launches into action. From the police officers to Morales himself, the dialogue in the scene is very entertaining and feels authentic but the moment that defines this is what Morales does after saving the people. The physical reaction he has to what just happened is extremely realistic and I’d imagine it’s how many people would cope with the situation.

After the heroics, the speech Morales gives Ganke was by far the best part of the issue and it’s on par with the quality of writing Bendis has been putting out with this book so far. He is using Ganke and Morales to show us a peek into ourselves. Like Ganke, many of us would leap at the chance of obtaining super-powers and using them to put ourselves into the spotlight but Morales understands the burden and just wants to be normal. How many of us can actually say, if we somehow acquired powers, that we would be anywhere near as responsible as Morales is being portrayed.

Every review I rave about Pichelli’s art and this isn’t going to be any different. She has shown that she can empower any emotional scene with her dynamic facial expressions but this issue she finally has some action to draw and you can tell she’s doling out the best that she can. When we finally see Morales using his powers, the body language Pichelli has created for him exudes a youthful agility that is empowered by those powers. This taste of the vitality of the book is such a tease of what is to come, I could only imagine how the sequences against his villains will be depicted.

If you’re not already reading this book, you’re doing comics wrong. It is consistently spectacular (dare I say sensational) and if you’re not giving it a chance because it’s an Ultimate book, you need to trust Marvel. Ultimatum may have ruined that universe but Ultimate Comics Reborn is living up to it’s name.


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2 comments on “REVIEW: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3

  1. Good review. I’m also really enjoying this series, although I’m getting a little tired of the slow burn origin story that seems really prominent in Bendis’ work.

    Edit-wise: What is this sentence supposed to mean?
    “After the heroics, Morales gives Ganke after the fire was by far the best part of the issue…”

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the review!

    Bendis may be taking his time with the origin but the issue next week should start ramping up the story.

    Also great catch! At some point in the posting process we lost a few words and that sentence became garbled. It’s now fixed!

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