NEWS: Marvel Cancels X-23, Ghost Rider, Black Panther

X-23 #20It’s true. Marvel has canceled it’s two remaining ongoing series with female leads as well as Black Panther.

X-23 will end with the conclusion of the “Misadventures of Babysitting” arc in January. Comic Book Resources notes that according to Diamond’s October sales estimates, X-23 was outperforming Thunderbolts, X-Factor and Avengers Academy. While it may seem like a sudden cancellation for the series, X-23’s upcoming involvement in Avengers Academy will insure her place son the shelves while Marjorie Liu starts cooking up other projects for Marvel.

Ghost Rider will also be ending in January with issue #8. Black Panther has a little more life in it,Black Panther #529 wrapping up in February with issue #529.

While none of these books were huge sellers, they definitely had their own cult fan bases. It will be interesting to see in the coming months if Marvel has plans to launch a new female-led solo title as well as future plans for Black Panther given that he declined an invitation to the Secret Avengers due to more pressing matters. Fans of a Ghost Rider will be able tos ee the speed demon in the upcoming Venom Event.

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