DC Announces Six New Ongoings, Cancels Six Titles

DC Comics has announced six new titles debuting in May that will compromise the second wave of the New 52. Fans will be ecstatic to learn that Batman Incorporated  by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham will finally be returning with this wave. The other titles being added to the new line will be:

Dial H by fantasy novelist China Miéville and Mateus Santoluoco, which will focus on an everyman character who will receive powers from an old dial he discovers.

Earth 2 by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, this title will feature the fan favorite Justice Society which has not been seen since the events of Flashpoint.

Worlds’ Finest by Paul Levitz, George Perez and Kevin Maguire. Readers will follow the adventures of Huntress and Power Girl as they try to make their way back to Earth 2 after being stranded on our world. Perez and Maguire will handle artistic duties on alternating story arcs.

G.I. Combat by J.T. Krul and Ariel Olivetti will feature the return of the classic DC Comics series, THE WAR THAT TIME FORGOT. This title will include rotating back-up stories and creative teams.

The Ravagers by Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill will focus on a group of four super powered teens who will be on the run from the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. organization which is featured predominantly in Superboy and Teen Titans.

With the addition of these titles, DC will also be canceling six titles from the initial wave of the New 52. These titles are Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks, Static Shock, Mister Terrific, Men of War and O.M.A.C.

2012 should be extremely interesting in terms of the New 52 with the introduction of many crossovers within the books themselves such as the Swamp Thing/Animal Man Crossover, “The Night of the Owls” storyline in the Batman books and the already closely tied stories of Superboy and Teen Titans.

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