Walt Simonson Returns to Marvel to Draw ‘Avengers’

Avengers #25Marvel announced today that comic legend Walt Simonson (Thor, X-Factor, so much more) would be returning to the company to draw a six-part tie-in arc of Avengers as part of this summer’s “Avengers vs. X-Men” event. Simonson joins Marvel architect, Brian Michael Bendis on the book starting with issue #25.

This is Simonson’s first work at Marvel after a tenure at DC and now, he’s back on the freelancer path. Bendis and Simonson have corresponded frequently as Bendis has risen through the ranks of the comics elite and he offered an open invitation to write for Simonson. How he gets to make good on that invitation.

“This is truly one of the things that’s excited me most in my time at Marvel,” Bendis said.

And Simonson is quite looking forward to working with Bendis as well.

“”I’m doing this now to work with Brian,” said Simonson.

Avengers #25 hits stores in April.

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