Get Psyched On It: “Mind the Gap” “Super Best Friends Forever” and MORE!

Welcome all to  Psyched On It! post. This will be a weekly feature where we, the writers and editors of Kabooooom, preview anything and everything that gets us excited. Some of it you might have heard of, some of it we might be late on but some of it will be new. This is our way to feature stuff that doesn’t necessarily fit in other places on the site. So enjoy! The first ever Get Psyched On It begins now!


Mind the Gap

What It Is: Mind the Gap is an all-new creator-owned comic by Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men) with art by Rodin Esquejo about a young, wealthy girl who’s life is threatened. While in a comatose state, she tries to find out who wanted her dead and why.

Why We’re Psyched On It: Return of the Dapper Men was awesome. Hawkeye & Mockingbird was too! Jim McCann is an incredibly talented writer and has thus far been severely undderrated. With such a high-profile creator-owned work on the way, we’re sure his popularity is only going to grow. The best part is you can read the prologue for FREE right now! –Pierce Lydon


Super Best Friends Forever

What It Is: This is the first image from Cartoon Network’s all-new series of shorts Super Best Friends Forever which is part of the DC Nation programming block.

Why We’re Psyched On It: DC absolutely slays the competition when it comes to animation. This project boasts Lauren Faust (Powerpuff Girls, My Little Pony) on the project and she’s got the right attitude about the project: “I’ve been a comics fan my whole life. So I took what I knew of the history of Batgirl and Supergirl and Wondergirl. I just wanted to put together a superteam with the attitude of, ‘It’s fun to be a superhero.’ And taking a real approach, a fun and funny approach to what it’s like to be a teenage girl, and mixing that up with a superhero [story.]” The first short debuts on March 3. -Pierce Lydon


SkullkickersWhat It Is: Skullkickers is coming to Munchkin. Skullkickers is “a sarcastically self-aware sword & sorcery action-comedy series starring two monster-mashing mercenaries who will do whatever it takes to get paid,” according to series creator Jim Zub. Munchkin is is a line of popular card games that take a more humorous approach to role-playing games.

Why We’re Psyched On It: We love basically everything Skullkickers. It speaks to our inner desire to just stay home and play tabletop RPGs and imagine that we’re drinking mead instead of Mountain Dew. So our favorite fantasy comic mixed with a relatively easy to pick up game? Sign us up. Immediately. -Pierce Lydon


Zac GormanWhat It Is: Magical Game Time webcomic creator Zac Gorman has just opened a web store.

Why We’re Psyched On It: We didn’t think it would catch on but Zac Gorman’s comics allowed us to feel all warm and fuzzy about our favorite video games and video game characters. Now his new store allows us to spend money to purchase art that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy about our favorite video games and video game characters without an Internet connection. Well, we’re betting that this one will catch on. -Daniel Byrne


What It Is: Doom inside Doom so you can Doom while you Doom.  Basically, Doom-ception.

Why We’re Psyched On It: A game within a game is not an especially new thing, but this is a cool implementation allowing a legacy game to be played within it’s junior. It also lead us to a neat read on interactive surfaces in games. -Daniel Byrne


GET PSYCHED ON IT! previews anything and everything that gets our diminutive (and sometimes imaginary) meat missiles adamantine just thinking about. Sometimes it’s a comic book. Sometimes it’s music. Sometimes it’s an interview on our very site! Sometimes it’s a bizarre construction of lights, extension cords and PVC pipe that makes us question our very existence. This is stuff we’re psyched on and we think should be, too!

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