Gillen, McKelvie, Wilson Together Again – What Could It Mean?

A mysterious teaser hit the Internet this morning on iFanboy. Apparently, Kieron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men, Journey into Mystery), Jamie McKelvie (X-Men Season One) and Matthew Wilson are teaming up for an all-new project coming from Image. We can expect a full announcement on Saturday at Image Expo.

But now it’s time for try and guess what this all could mean because who has the patience to wait for Saturday?


1. Phonogram Volume III- Of course, this is everyone’s first thought. The three talented creators teamed up for Phonogram in 2007 and have since seen their respective careers take off. The basis of this rumor comes from Bleeding Cool’s definitive post and also the fact that “One More Time” is the title of a Daft Punk song from 2000. That would place it just after the Britpop scene that volume one’s main phonomancer David Kohl is obsessed with/draws his power from. Still, Gillen did shoot down the possibility of a new volume in 2010 due to low sales during an interview with Comics Alliance. Maybe things have changed. These guys are big shots now, right?

2. Something 80’s – I saw this preposterous hypothesis somewhere on the Internet. Let’s take a second and look at this here teaser. If you knew nothing and saw those words in that font with no creators attached and I told you it was a comic book teaser, you’d obviously think that VH1 was making a comic book version of “I Love the 80’s” because that’s the only 80’s there is. But seriously, another War Games would be rad, wouldn’t it?

3. 24 – Nothing can stop Jack Bauer, not even cancellation. Same font though so obviously it must be Jack Bauer.

4. Britney Spears Biography – It really is about time. And I’m sure these guys would do a bettter job than Bluewater Productions. I’m sure that Image Expo will reveal that the top of this teaser reads “(Hit Me) Baby.”

5. The Adventures of Daft Punk – The teaser shares it’s text with the Daft Punk song of the same name. The digital font was also used by Daft Punk on the cover of the single for “One More Time.” You might say “Why?” I say “Why not?” If the tracklist on Discovery isn’t hinting at the fact that they might have super powers/fight crime then I don’t what to believe.


I’m praying for more Phonogram. At least we can dance while we wait.

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