Updated: Pokemon Black, White Version 2 Announced for JP, US

The next two Pokemon games will be titled…Pokemon Black and White Version 2.

Pokemon series director Junichi Masada appeared on Japanese television show Pokemon Smash! yesterday and announced the next two Pokemon games. That’s right two Pokemon games and in a move unprecedented by the series before now, they will be direct sequels to Pokemon Black and White rather than a remixed version like Platinum or Emerald.

According to initial reports, the games will feature two new Pokemon, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem who will also serve as the games’ mascots.

For those excited for a new round of Pokefun on the 3DS, prepare to be disappointed. Both Version 2 games will be for the Nintendo DS.

Never thought you’d be so bummed out by Pokemon news, huh?

We can only hope that this new “direct sequel” decision will take the series in a new direction that enhances and enriches the Pokemon universe. But chances are that this is just another cash grab and we’re all the worse for buying into it.

UPDATE (2/27): Nintendo of America has confirmed a fall release for Pokemon Black and White Version 2. 

What do you think of the announcement? Was it a mistake not to have the games on 3DS? Would you have preferred a remixed version of Black and White akin to previous games like Yellow/Platinum, etc.?

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