Sam Humphries Heads for ‘Higher Earth’

Higher Earth #1Clearly, Sam Humphries (Our Love is Real, Sacrifice) is one of the hardest working creators in comics.

Now after nailing down a job with Marvel and adding more creator owned work to his plate, the writer has just announced an all-new ongoing for BOOM! Studios called Higher Earth.

The sci-fi book imagines that space is dead. All potentially habitable planets are too far away to be viable alternatives. But there are Earth-like planets just beyond the veil of quantum physics. The book follows Heidi, a girl born in garbage and Rex, a soldier gone rogue, as they try to make their way up from the dregs of a society torn apart by inter-Earth war and colonization.

CBR has the first interview with Humphries on the project.

If this one is anything like Humphries’ other work, it’s going to be an absolutely wild ride. 





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