Terraria Developer Announces Starbound

Tiy, one half of the team behind Terraria, has announced StarBound, a 2D side-scrolling game where-in you explore a procedurally generated universe.

Fleeing your home planet after it’s attacked you find yourself on an abandoned space station which acts as your home base. As you explore the universe you’ll find ways to restore and upgrade the station, hire a crew, research alien creatures and develop new equipment.

The planets you explore in Starbound are procedurally generated, with no two being the same. If you find a cool planet you can share the co-ordinates and allow other players to seek out your find, as well as having the ability to pull a friend in via the co-op feature and start exploring together.

If a particular planet takes your fancy and you declare it your new homeworld, you will gain the ability to play around with it, altering the weather, the terrain and even the population.

Starbound is being developed by Chucklefish Games and is currently planned for release  towards the end of Summer 2012.

Via: Neogaf

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