Adam Ward Makes Your Life-size Lego Dream House Come True

Here at Kabooooom, we care about our nerd community especially when we get wind of a truly amazing Kickstarter project. That being said, when Adam Ward a true Lego mastermind shared with us his Lego Kickstarter project “Grownup” we felt that we had to share.

We got a chance to talk to Adam about the project and where he hopes to take it.

Welcome to Kabooooom Adam, so glad to have a true Lego Maniac here with us. That being said let’s start off with the age old question. What is your absolute FAVORITE Lego set?

That’s a tough one. I’ve loved so many over the years. I was always partial to the space sets. “Space Police” was my jam. I got the big ship  one year and put it together in like an hour. I loved the green translucent pieces. Might have been the first time I saw them. I think I eventually turned it into a lizard. I also always wanted the monorail,  but that was the set that got away….

Where did this idea for “Grownup” stem from? When was the moment in your life you said to
yourself “I want to make a Lego table and sell it for all to enjoy?”

It all happened very organically. I needed a shelf for my media cabinet. I thought about buying a little cheap thing, or getting wood and stuff and making it, but then I was like, “Hey why don’t I not do either of those things and just make it out of Legos?!?” So I did! It worked great and that kinda started it. After that I looked around my house and started thinking about other things I needed or could replace with Lego versions. I got to work on the key dock idea, and the iPhone stand like right away. Now they look super clunky and awkward compared to the final designs I have, kinda like watching the first season of the Simpsons. But I still appreciate them cause they helped me get to where I am now. I’m sure I’ll look at some pieces I have now down the road and feel the same way. It wasn’t until I started getting really serious about turning this into a business that I broke ground on some of the bigger pieces. I want people to have my Lego coasters in their homes like right now, but I want them to rest on my Lego coffee table in the not-so-distant future.

Now “Grownup” is a pretty ambitious project considering the demographic you want to hit. The idea of using Lego’s to build into common household items is brilliant but do you personally feel it may become a new sensation?

Yes! I think this has the potential to get huge. The Kickstarter is hopefully only the beginning.

Ideally what do you see this project becoming? Do you have plans to expand, market, and create?

I see this project potentially turning into a full-time thing. I mean, I love building. I love good design. I love art. I’m just trying to combine them. I really want to just keep working at it, keep getting better and keep building new pieces. I want to build my brand. I’m thinking about calling it Adam Builds. That’s what my Tumblr is called anyway. I want to sell my stuff online. I’d be happy to be in select boutiques, or maybe eventually even have my own store. That’s the dream I guess…

I want to talk next about your designs because I have to admit the ingenuity behind them is astounding. For example the Lego safe BLEW MY MIND. What is the process you went though to create something like that?

Thank you so much man. Most of my designs are pretty simple because the function and form are generally way more important to me than the complexity of the piece. Most pieces don’t need to be complicated, they just need to work. That safe though is a different story. It was a labor of love. I had made a much more basic “piggy bank” (see pics attached) that had this flat lid and part of the lid slid off, so you could get money for the ice cream truck without having to smash the thing. I really liked the mechanics of it, and it’s the same mechanism I use in the Key fob/dock design. The sliding lid wasn’t obvious and I’d hand it to people and they’d just start taking it apart, and I’d be like, “No you, don’t have to un-build it to open it, there’s a trick.” Then I’d show them and there would be this cool “aha” moment.

I really got a kick out of showing people how it worked and I wanted to build off that design and make one MUCH more difficult to open. I imagined a safe door and that really inspired the design, but I had to figure out a way to “lock” it. SO I played with a bunch of ideas and agonized over it, until I figured out a way to combine the “sliding” piece with the hinge of a door.

After that I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if the safe had a key incorporated? So, I worked on the key, but I knew that me being me, I’d lose the key within the first 8 minutes of building it, so I thought, why not build a cubby for the key, directly into the wall of the safe and just hide it, so people don’t know it’s there. So I did, and that was basically it, Then I played with some external elements making the key and key hole even harder to find and I built out some of the sides so it can stand on your desk or wherever five different ways, and be sturdy.

The irony of making a safe out of a bunch of removable pieces is certainly not lost on me, but once the pieces are glued, I think it could be even more functional and even harder to open.

I want to thank Adam for being here with us and sharing his most amazing Kickstarter project “Grownup.” Before we go is there anything you want to say to the Kabooooom audience Adam?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Please contribute and share my project with everyone you’ve ever heard of existing. You’ll take home some awesome original designs in the process and make this Lego Maniac that much closer to his dream. And thank you!


I don’t know about you but I am jazzed for this project to be properly funded and put into the hands of well, everyone! Big thanks to Adam for taking some time to talk to us. Adam has quite successfully given our favorite multi-colored building bricks a breath of new life and functionality. I must say the shear amount of ingenuity in each showcased project is an accomplishment in itself. So let’s round up my fellow Lego Maniacs by giving Adam Ward the building blocks he needs to put a Lego house piece in every home.

You can donate to “Grownup” by heading over to Adam’s Kickstarter page HERE  and also keep tabs of his further Lego inventions on Tumblr!

Would you like to see a Lego bookshelf in every home? What other kinds of items do you think Adam should look into designing? Would you ever use a piece of furniture made of Legos? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  1. My grandson loves Legos and I would like to find a book that shows new things to make with his blocks. I have seen books with pictures, but no instructions – i would like instructions. Any suggestions?

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