DC Changes Captain Marvel’s Name, Gives Him Hoodie

DC unveiled the new design for Captain Marvel er…Shazam today and have dedicated themselves to reinventing the decades old character.

“We changed his name [to Shazam] for a lot of reasons,” said Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns said in the NY Post. “One of them is that Shazam is the word most associated with the character, so we just felt it made sense — a lot of people already thought that was his name, anyway.”

Created in 1939, Captain Marvel was the alter ego of twelve year old Billy Batson who could transform into the musclebound hero with the mere utterance of the word “Shazam.” The hero was the most popular of the 1940s, even outselling DC’s other caped, flying hero, Superman.

The new Shazam will debut in a backup story in Justice League #7 penned by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank. Johns has had a lot of success relaunching characters in the past few years, even managing to breathe new life into Aquaman with the New 52 relaunch.

But this re-imagining is just that. It seems like they are distancing the World’s Mightiest Mortal from his real roots and inserting an all-new, all-edgy origin in an effort to drum up interest in the character. This is all hoodie-based conjecture. You can tell a lot about a hero from his hoodie.

What do you think? Does DC have the right idea with Shazam? Would you buy a Shazam solo book?

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One thought on “DC Changes Captain Marvel’s Name, Gives Him Hoodie

  1. They’re all about adding hoodies to their characters to “reinvent” them. Look at Superman: Earth One. I’m not against reinventing a character but I hope it’s worth it.

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