Get Psyched On It! 3.2.12

What It Is: Cherie Mie Lockwood is a crafty lady out in San Francisco. She made her daughter, Yuki, an awesome Totoro costume. 

Why We’re Psyched On It: We love costumes. We love Hayao Miyazaki. My mom used to make all my Halloween costumes when I was a kid. Spider-Man, the Green Power Ranger, Aladdin; you name it, she made it. It’s awesome to see another mom doing that for her child. The best part is that she posted instructions on how to make the costume on her blog!  –Pierce Lydon

What It Is: War is Coming! X-O Manowar returns to comic books in May with the release of X-O Manowar #1 which features a talking comic book cover.

Why We’re Psyched On It: X-O Manowar is basically Conan The Barbarian meets Iron Man. I read the hardcover collection of the original series and really enjoyed it. The guys at Valiant Entertainment are really passionate about their work and committed to publishing something for older and new readers. I had the privilege of talking with editor Warren Simons (The Immortal Iron Fist) and others involved and they’re really determined to make Valiant a producer of quality content. There’s a Free Comic Book Day preview book coming from Valiant in May and other cool announcements on the way. I’m excited to read some new stories and I’m very interested in what’s coming next. – Ron Cacace

What It Is: Omocat is a freelance illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA. You can find her on TumblrBigcartel and Etsy.

Why We’re Psyched On It: If you’ve seen awesome Cowboy Bebop or Gurren Lagann quote prints on Tumblr, these are where they’ve come from. I ordered her Adventure Time set of prints as a birthday gift for a friend and they were amazing. She was doing preorders for a FLCL shirt she’s releasing in the next few weeks but those orders have closed at this time. You should keep an eye on her shop because they’re sure to sell out fast! – Anthony Chanza

What It Is: Takemura Kiriko, better known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is a fashion blogger and Warner Music Japan recording artist.

Why We’re Psyched On It: Let’s face it, Ms. Takemura’s sense of style makes Lady Gaga look like an average soccer mom . The 19 year old Harajuku fashionista reached international fame when her music video went viral (see: PONPONPON). After 19,989,297+ plays on YouTube, Kiriko has found herself being requested to cosplay as a Rubix cube? I’m all about self-expression and I think she might be too. You can follow Kiriko’s adventures via her blog and Twitter account. – Carlos Morales

What It Is: Mark Forster (Monster’s Ball) is set to direct the Cowboy Ninja Viking movie, which was just picked up by Universal Pictures. Production on the movie is presently set to begin later in the year. The movie will be based on the creator-owned book by A.J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo that was published by Image starting in 2009.

Why We’re Psyched On It: Cowboy Ninja Viking was one of the funniest books Image has published in a long time, with a strong story to back it up. The series lasted a short ten issues, but there’s potential for much more. I’m interested to see how it’s adapted into a movie, because the style of writing doesn’t lend it self to easily being put on the big screen. Maybe I’m also secretly hoping that if the movie does well, we’ll get more issues of the comics. – Tom Lafferty

What It Is: You might know her from Twitter, or Midtown Comics events or various cosplay photos, but Zoë A. Gulliksen is getting into the comic book game with her upcoming book EPiC. The comic is about a girl who works in a college bookstore but also fights against bullies who pick on the underdogs of New York City. Her sidekick is a raccoon named Scooter.

Why We’re Psyched On It: It’s always fun to see new creator-owned work from all-new creators. New voices are crucial in this medium. Zoë has never let a project she was passionate about fail and it’s clear she cares about this one. Juan Albarran, a definite up and comer in the industry, provides excellent artwork. It’s hard not to be excited for this one. I mean, raccoon sidekick? ‘Nuff said. Curious to find out more follow Zoë on Twitter or on her blog. Check out the first page of EpiC here. – Pierce Lydon


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