Marvel Teases Cosmic Heroes with ReEvolution Initiative

With the announcement of Marvel’s new digital comics initiative, ReEvolution, comic book fans are also seeing the return of the Marvel Cosmic universe in the form of the Infinite Comics digital only imprint.

Nova  will be a digital only title to start but there has been on word on whether or not that will be the case forCaptain Marvel. The last time around Marvel cosmic spun out of the Annihilation event and ended with theThanos Imperative and chaos War. With Nova, seemingly returningin in the pages of MArvel’s Point One, it’s been confirmed that a couple of new books in the cosmic sector of the MArvel universe will see publication this summer.

  • NOVA by Mark Waid with art by Stuart Immonen.
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL  by an unknown creative team.
 The publisher is making a push for digital sales with the unveiling of its brand new Augmented Reality app, a large part of their ReEvolution initiative. The app will provide additional behind-the-scenes content including but not limited to creator commentary or step-by-step process videos.
“Decades ago, Stan Lee introduced the letters pages as a way of directly engaging the reader and building a comics-reading community. That was a major innovation at the time, and we’re taking it to the next stage with AR app features that will engage the reader in ways they haven’t been before,” Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said at the publisher’s SXSW panel. “Our AR app features provide added-value story content that will enhance the reading experience in ways we’re still cooking up.”
Will Marvel change the face of digital comics? Are you excited for augmented reality as part of your comic book reading experience? Are you just happy to see the return of Nova?

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