TOY FAIR 2012: Lego Takes On Crime One Brick at a Time

Your favorite Lego Maniac is back with Part 2 of the 2012 Toy Fair coverage and this time we are going into my favorite new lines from Lego: their DC and Marvel Comics licenses. Let’s begin with their DC Comics line which was actually released just this past January. The first wave is as follows:

  • CATWOMAN CATCYCLE CITY CHASE: 89 piece set featuring Batman and Catwoman mini figures. $12.99USD, $15.99CAD available now.
  • SUPERMAN VS POWER ARMOR LEX: 207 piece set featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor mini figures. $19.99USD, $24.99CAD available now.
  • BATWING BATTLE OVER GOTHAM CITY: 278 piece set featuring Batman, The Joker, and a henchman mini figures. $34.99USD, $44.99CAD available now.
  • BATMAN AND THE TWO-FACE CHASE: 531 piece set featuring Batman, Two-Face, 2 Henchman, and a guard mini figures. $49.99USD, $64.99CAD available now.
  • THE BATCAVE: 690 piece set featuring Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy, and Bane mini figures. $69.99USD, $89.99CAD available now.

Out of the entire first wave, two of the DC Comics Lego launch sets really stood out to me. SUPERMAN VS POWER ARMOR LEX is just pure awesome. As the only non-Batman set of the first wave it was definitely the right choice to utilize Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor. I had a lot of fun playing with the figures. I’m most eager to purchase one of my own because it has a fantastic collectible display factor to it. I also absolutely loved THE BATCAVE. The set has so much going for it. One of the coolest features is the changing Bruce Wayne into Batman by using a nifty contraption that is a part of building the set. Also, the bat armory and computer are super detailed and fun to play with. Overall, I am really pleased with Lego’s first run on the DC Comics licenses and I am really eager to see a Green Lantern or Flash pop up soon.

Next up is Lego’s take on the Marvel licenses and they do not disappoint. The first wave includes:

  • CAPTAIN AMERICA’S AVENGING CYCLE: 72 piece set featuring ???. $12.99USD, $15.99CAD available in May.
  • WOLVERINE CHOPPER DOWN: 201 piece set featuring Wolverine, Magneto, and Deadpool mini figures. $19.99USD, $24.99USD available in May.
  • LOKI’S COSMIC CUBE ESCAPE: 181 piece set featuring Iron Man, Loki, and Hawkeye mini figures. $19.99USD, $24.99USD available in May.
  • HULK’S HELICARRIER BREAKOUT: 389 piece set featuring Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Loki mini figures. $49.99USD, $64.99CAD available in May.
  • QUINJET AERIAL BATTLE: 735 piece set featuring ???. $69.99USD, $89.99CAD available in May.

Lego has brilliantly split up the first wave launch by giving us two direct comic book source sets and then 3 sets themed form the Avengers movie. As you can tell the first two sets are coming book themed and to be honest there are the sets I personally am most excited about. WOLVERINE CHOPPER DOWN features my new favorite Lego figure, Magneto. I am also quite excited for HULK’S HELICARRIER BREAKOUT because I cannot wait to see a giant Hulk Lego figure. Lego only had a prototype of him but I foresee him taking the top spot as my new favorite Lego figure (sorry Magneto).

Lastly, Lego is utilizing its DC Comics and Marvel Comics licenses in their Construction Line of toys. Lego has already successfully launched the DC line starting with:

  • BATMAN, 40 piece figure at 14.99 USD and 17.99 CAD
  • JOKER, 57 piece figure at 14.99 USD and 17.99 CAD
  • GREEN LANTERN, 58 piece figure at 14.99 USD and 17.99 CAD

In May Lego was launch their Marvel line starting with;

  • IRON MAN, 44 piece figure at 14.99 USD and 17.99 CAD
  • HULK, 39 piece figure at 14.99 USD and 17.99 CAD
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA, 44 piece figure at 14.99 USD and 17.99 CAD

What’s amazing about these construction figures is the immense amount of playability you get from them. What excites me most is how interchangeable all the parts can be (as with all Legos). So you can build your very own suped-up Batman/Iron Man hybrid or have Hulk use the power of the Green Lantern. Or you can just have one super powerful Lego construction figure that has the power of all six DC and Marvel figures!


What do you think of Lego’s Marvel and DC offerings? Is there anything that you hope that release in the second wave of these collections? Let us know in the comments!

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