WonderCon Round-Up!

Big news from WonderCon this weekend including lots of publishers moving forward with digital comics plans, a few new series and more.


  • Mark Waid and Chris Samnee will be teaming up for a four issue Rocketeer miniseries from IDW Publishing.
  • Speaking of Mark Waid, he’ll be relaunching his website MarkWaid.com as a digital comics imprint for some of his own creations such as zombie comic, Luther, and other projects. The site will serve as a process blog for some of the webcomics he’s doing as well.
  • IDW will also be doing a Dave Stevens’ Covers & Stories book collecting some of the Rocketeer creator’s non-Rocketeer work.
  • Frank Tieri and Mark Texeira are taking Punisher to Space in the aptly titled Space: Punisher.
  • Dan Slott will be doing a Lizard storyline in Amazing Spider-Man aroudn the time of the upciming blockbuster film.
  • Archaia revealed three new projects: “Space 1999,” written by Andrew E.C. Gaska and based on the 1970s British sci-fi TV show; “Gang of Fools,” a futuristic dystopian tale by James Smith; “Pantalones, TX,” an all-ages humor book by animator Yehudi Mercado; and “Iron: Or, the War After” by S.M. Vidaurri.
  • IDW announced two more Artist’s Editions featuring Sergio Aragones’ Groo the Wanderer and Jack Davis’ EC Comics stories.
  • Zenescope is using Kickstarter to attempt to fund an animated version of their Grimm Fairy Tales comic.


  • Tom Brevoort revealed that longtime Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers will become the next Captain Marvel in a new series by  Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy. And Greg Pak will write a spin-off of Astonishing X-Men entitled X-Treme X-Men that features Dazzler. Stephen Segovia will provide the art for that one.
  • Dark Horse will bring motion comics featuring characters from Umbrella Academy, Usagi Yojimbo, Hellboy and more to Felicia Day’s new YouTube channel Geek & Sundry.
  • IDW will take Womanthology to space in the aptly titled five issue miniseries, Womanthology: Space.
  • Joe Hill announced what might be the final installment of Locke & Key, Locke & Key: Omega. 
  • Ben McCool and Dean Haspiel will be collaborating on The Five Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies, an adaptation of 80s video game, Warp & Warp, on Namco’s new webcomics platform ShiftyLook.
  • Bill Willingham’s Fables OGN has been pushed by to November 2012.
  • Brian Wood will be writing both X-Men and Ultimate Comics X-Men starting this summer with issues #30 and #13 respectively.
  • Jeff Parker’s Hulk will see the Red Hulk facing off against the Mayan Gods with some help from Alpha Flight, the She-Hulks and others.
  • Parker will also be writing a new Dark Avengers series that will replace Thunderbolts, with artist Declan Shalvey.
  • Tom Brevoort teased some more Marvel Cosmic stuff. “We’re putting our full attention into blowing that up and making it a part of overall Marvel publishing,” said Brevoort. “More Guardians stuff is coming up when you least expect it.”
  • Chris Ryall announced IDW’s plans for Judge Dredd and The Crow.

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