DC Unveils Quitely’s ‘Batman Inc. #1’ Cover

DC’s The Source revealed this beauty today. It is Frank Quitely’s variant cover to Batman Incorporated #1. For those not in the know, Batman Incorporated  is written by Grant Morrison and it chronicles Bruce Wayne’s mission to spread the Batman identity across the globe.

We loves us some Quitely on Kabooooom. This is no different, though the digital coloring seems a little off. Maybe that’s just me.

What do you think of this variant cover? What artists would you like to see do a Batman Inc. variant in the future?

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One thought on “DC Unveils Quitely’s ‘Batman Inc. #1’ Cover

  1. Beautiful. Coloring looks mostly great to me, although the shading on Robin’s face looks a little muddy. It’s weird because the shadow and light work on Batman’s chest is like near-photo realistic.

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