REVIEW: Warehouse 13 #5


“Warehouse 13” fans can rest assured that while the show is awaiting its return to the small screen they can still get their fix of their favorite artifact investigators and “America’s Attic.” Dynamite brings writers of the series to the pages of the comics to create new adventures for the agents.

Writer Ben Raab, best known for a comic book reboot of The Phantom and his work as editor of The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks series, is also known for his work on fan-favorite “Warehouse 13” TV episode “Duped.” Raab and Warehouse 13 writer/story editor Deric A. Hughes, bring familiarity to the characters and storylines straight out of the Warehouse and into the pages of the comics. Raab and Hughes have a unique advantage coming from the show. With extensive knowledge of the characters, they are able to delve into character details that have not been explored on the small screen, while still keeping the feel of the series that fans know and love.

Artist Art Purcell has a knack for drawing characters straight out of some of t.v.’s favorite shows and into the comics. Known best for his work on the Star Trek, Star Trek: TNG and Xena, realistic interpretation of the actors portraying the characters has been his specialty. In Warehouse 13, he nails the characters of Artie, Myka, and Pete, but leaves a bit of the angular features Claudia is known for out. This doesn’t take away from anything in the book and the look of the characters helps make the story more enjoyable. Colorist James Babbo brings vibrancy to action sequences, while using the recognizable purple that fans have come to associate with Warehouse 13’s mysterious goo.

But there are two ways to score a comic book coming off a television show. It’s a perfect comic for Syfy and “Warehouse 13” fans, who are tortured with waiting between seasons, if they’re lucky enough to even get their shows back at all. Dynamite is brilliant for bringing on the people who make the show so that they can give fans a fix during the wait. The people who write the show write wildly successful plot lines, speaking from a fan point of view. This comic is a great comic because it is reflective of that same theme and same style. As for the artwork, it’s easy for artists to change up how a character is supposed to look. Art and writing are very subjective and when it comes to reviewing for a certain genre or fan it is going to please some and not others. As a fan of the show I wholeheartedly give a score of 5. I give it a 5 because it’s almost impossible to get through a lot of bad fandom that’s out there. Raab is able to make me feel like I’m watching an episode of “Warehouse 13” and Purcell delivers on his reputation to nail his character work in the pages of a comic. The depth of story and characters are seen in the story and it’s a must read for fans of the show. For a fan of Warehouse 13 it is worth the perfect rating, the review, and the money.

Taking into account all points of view, I second my scoring with a score of 3.5/5 for both art and writing for the average comic reader. To them this will be just another comic with good writing and characters coming through on the pages, complimented by beautiful art and strong color work.

When it comes to expanded universe stories spawning from fanboy/girl favorites, Dynamite has done an excellent job of creating an book that fans will appreciate while they are still waiting for the return of the show while also delivering a solid showing for readers who have never experienced Warehouse 13. By offering up writers who are not only familiar with the storyline and characters, but who have given them life at one time or another, Warehouse 13 is a win-win for all.

ART: 5/5

WRITING: 3.5/5
ART: 3.5/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5

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