Kabooooom Quickies: Alfred Trujillo & Project: Shadows

The great thing about smaller comic conventions is that they take it back to basics. It’s all about the comics. Sure, most conventions will throw in a few film and television celebrities to sweeten the pot and to attract a broader fanbase, but the meat of the convention is dedicated to comics. Even more importantly, it is about meeting the artists behind books that you have never even heard of and having them explain their concept as if it were a child which, essentially, it is. These are the artists that have not yet had their spirits crushed or creativity killed. These are the guys (and gals) that are still paying their dues, not necessarily because they haven’t been presented with an opportunity to work with a large publisher, but because they choose to. They appreciate the freedom the smaller publishers give them, they are passionate about their work and they absolutely cannot wait to tell you why their series is the best ever.

One of these creators is artist/writer Alfred Trujillo and the baby he brings with him is PROJECT: SHADOWS. Set in the year 2050, PROJECT: SHADOWS is the story of a war ravaged America and the government-created super-powered beings called “Shadows” that aided in that destruction. Trujillo created this book from the ground up and took writing, art, and lettering duties. Trujillo was kind enough to spend a couple of minutes to give me the rundown.


I am not familiar with your series but I’m looking at your new comic here and I have to tell you, it looks wonderful. The art looks great and just reading the first few pages, I’m already getting drawn in. Could you tell [our Kabooooom readers] a little about it?

Absolutely! My story is set in a dark future and it’s the kind of story where we have a hero trying to set the world right. It has a lot of undertones that deal with society and kind of where the world is heading these days.

Was this something that you started thinking about after noticing the trend where we are seeing a lot of media focusing on a dystopian future or was this something that you had in the back of your mind for a while before you finally had a chance to get it out there?

Well, this is a story that I’ve been developing for about ten years. So, I’ve been constantly revising and, you know, trying to make it better…

Striving for perfection, right?

Right! You know, a dark future is something I’ve liked since I was a little kid.

When it comes to working with something like that, a subject so prevalent, how do you make your work stand out from everyone else’s?

Well, what I am doing is going to be a little bit different from most people because it’s basically going to be like American-style manga, so the characters are going to be developed over a long period of time and, you know, if somebody dies obviously they are going to stay dead. So, it’ll definitely be a little different.

It seems, just from the first few pages, that you have real characters in here instead of focusing on the superpowers.

Yeah, yeah, absolutely! These characters, you know, I’ve had them in my mind for so long and I know what they would say and how they would act.

Alright, looks like our two minutes are up but thanks for the time!

Yeah, absolutely!


Big thanks to Alfred Trujillo for taking the time to speak with us. If you’d like to find out more about him, you can check out his website. If you’re interested in finding out more about PROJECT:SHADOWS, like the book on Facebook!

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