REVIEW: Green Lantern #10

Written by GEOFF JOHNS

This week’s conclusion to Geoff Johns’ second arc in the rebooted DCU answers a whole mess of questions that have been raised throughout his run on Green Lantern. In typical fashion though, Johns manages to keep the intrigue coming with a genuinely surprising reveal that is sure to keep the protector of space sector 2814 busy for awhile.

First of all it needs to be stated that Doug Mahnke’s artwork throughout this arc has been stellar. The first arc after the re-launch drastically suffered from artwork that can only be described as flat. It was never able to express any tone or show any emotion. It was like looking at pictures of cardboard cutouts. Whether this was an issue of being rushed, or just being so accustomed to drawing epic space sequences isn’t an issue anymore as Mahnke brought his “A” game to this arc. Emotions gush from the page, just as the creepy level of this book steps up. Ominous shadows and unsettling aliens become all the more threatening in the rainy jungle this issue takes place in.

Johns’ script is as strong as ever. I don’t think any character has ever been as badass while simultaneously juvenile as Hal Jordan, And that’s not a bad thing when given the treatment that Johns has. The competing egos of Sinestro and Hal is one of the most compelling things about this rebooted book and this issue has some really great back and forth moments between the two. Johns is able to portray a truly honest human sentiment that we are all aware of, pride, but expand on it in a way that adds depth to both of these characters. Mixing this humanity with the extravagantly mythical supporting cast and settings is something that has always been a strength throughout Johns’ GL saga.

As far as the story goes we get many more reveals, much like the last issue. The pacing of this arc has at times seem stunted, but now being able to see where it all was headed it’s clear that the lulls were worth the wait. While we may now know the secrets of the Indigo tribe, there is still plenty left in the GL universe to explore. This issue in particular focuses more on the individual revelations rather than those of an entire corp.

This book managed to avoid much of a reboot and like few others was able to maintain not only its narrative, but also its creative team. Green Lantern has been, and will be one of the more popular series’ specifically because of this creative team. While Mahnke’s art early on in the rebooted series dragged the book down a bit, we are now given a return to form on all fronts. It’s good to have you back, Hal.

 WRITING: 4.5/5
ART: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.75/5

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