Dreamcasting: Guardians of the Galaxy

Welcome to Dreamcasting, out column where we…well, you should understand this. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ve gotta stop spelling everything out for ya’ll in italics.


Nathan Fillion as Star Lord

Arguably, Star Lord is too close to Captain Mal. But what is a hypothetical casting column without everyone’s favorite hypothetical cast member? Seriously, Fillion has been the nerd nation’s pick for just about every role; Green Lantern, Ant Man, Hawkeye. But Peter Quill, Star Lord, is really the perfect role for good, ol’ Captain Tight Pants. He’s a natural leader, a headstrong hero and an unquestionable anchor of the recent Marvel cosmic scene. Who better to play him than a guy with some solid acting chops, who works well with an ensemble cast and has experience with the whole sci-fi thing?

Jason Momoa as Drax the Destroyer

It was cool seeing him kill dudes as Conan. It will be cool seeing him kill aliens as Drax. ‘Nuff said. (Plus this guy can rock dreads. No doubt he can bring Drax’s emerald dome back in style.)

Olivia Wilde as Gamora

The concept art for Gamora definitely makes her look a bit like Tilda Swinton but Olivia Wilde has got to be the clear choice here. Much like the Nathan Fillion/Star Lord casting, I can’t think of anyone else more suited for the role. Even iFanboy agrees.

Jason Statham as Rocket Raccoon

A snarky smartass with a penchant for weaponry? Sounds like Jason Statham’s IMDb summed up in a sentence fragment.

Treebeard as Groot

Where has this guy been? After a breakout performance in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Treebeard was poised to become the next big thing in Hollywood. But the writer’s strike really decimated the market for anthropomorphic trees. Last we heard he was playing a bush in Mrs. Kilkelly’s 5th grade summer pageant at PS 49. Surely, he’d need a shave to become Groot but this could definitely put him back on the path to stardom.


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