Kyle Roberts’ ‘Posthuman’ Melds X-Men with John Hughes

Kyle Roberts has done a lot over the course of his career. The veteran director has won two Telly awards for his motion graphics and a series of sports-related webisodes. He has also gained some notoriety for his stop-motion animation work including the absolutely wonderful stop-motion TMNT intro. Now as the owner of Reckless Abandonment Pictures, there is one project that hasn’t Roberts hasn’t taken on: a full-length feature. That all changes with “Posthuman.”

“Posthuman” follows five teenagers as they graduate… from the human race! A combination of John Hughes and the X-Men, Roberts is set to explore the teenage experience by “capturing that careful mix of invulnerability and powerlessness that only youth can conjure.” We got a chance to talk to Roberts about the project.


Why did you decide that “Posthuman” was the right project for you?
The number one question I get is “When are you going to do a feature?” So I finally sat down and thought, “Well my two favorite things are 80’s teen movies and superheroes, let’s just combine them!”

What does this movie have that all the big budget, blockbuster capes films are missing? Do you strive to make a film that feels similar to them or are you trying to tap into something we haven’t seen with characters like these?
I’m not trying to do something we can’t pull off. No matter how much money we raise, we’re not going to have $230 million like Avengers. My goal is to really get to the teenage angst and heart of a John Hughes teen film, something I feel most teen movies lack today, the superhero stuff will hopefully complement it well.

John Hughes and the X-Men are mentioned as major influences. What other influences have come into play during the making of this movie?
That’s about it… both of those to the max, I’m a huge fan of Hughes and comic books in general.

What has shooting been like? Take us through an average day on set.
We’ve only shot that quick test scene so far. It was a 12-13 hour day with a 30 person cast/crew using a RED Epic camera/prime lenses. I’m used to using Canon DSLR’s so taking this big leap just takes longer in production, but hopefully you can tell by the quality of the shots! We are really hoping to improve from that, that’s just what we did with a very small budget! We’ll be using real pyrotechnics at times in production for the film.

You’ve chosen to release the movie in short 8-12 minute segments. Why not just release it all at once? Do you and your team feel that the shorter videos lend themselves more to today’s ADD mentality?
Exactly. Honestly we’re kind of modeling our campaign after Freddy Wong’s “Video Game High School,” after seeing what success they’ve had from it and we feel like it’s a very similar audience. We really feel like this is the evolution in indie filmmaking and are excited to take a leap of faith and be on the forefront of it! A lot of indie films spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to get their film into festivals which they may or may not do. There is no reason we still can’t do a little bit of a festival run at the end but the general goal is to bypass that strategy and get way more attention to the project by posting it into smaller segments! Also the way it’s written lends itself to the segments as well as one full film as a whole!

What has been the best part of making this film? The worst?
The best part of making this film is simply we are making a teen superhero flick! Everyone of the cast and crew are super excited about the project. The worst is just all of the insane amount of hard work that goes into making a film, but on this project it hasn’t taken a huge toll yet because it is such a fun project!

What kind of early response have you received?
So far everyone has been amazing by the quality of the test scene and tells us this will be one of the best things on “YouTube”. Which is very encouraging to me, because I know the final product will be even better!

Is there anything else you’d like to mention that I haven’t touched on?
Another fun part to this project is we are making a prequel comic book drawn by Marvel Comics artist Javier Saltares! You can of course sign up for any of our fun incentives including the comic book and our super rad T-Shirts on IndieGoGo. Even if you want to just donate a $1, every little bit helps!


Big thanks to Kyle Roberts for taking some time to talk to us. Want to learn more about “Posthuman?” Check out the official “Posthuman” Facebook page or contribute to their IndieGoGo campaign!

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