Kabooooom & Curicon Want to Send You to NYCC!

Curicon? What’s Curicon, you ask? Curicon is the new social network for collectors of nerd and pop culture. Boasting a growing library of collectibles, the site provides features which are desperately needed by online collectors. Simple collection management and a social community platform connect collectors by their interests all around the world. You can follow the Curicon team on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and G+.

Do you want to go to NYCC for free with airfare and hotel included? We thought so. Find out how below!

Curicon is offering one lucky person the opportunity to win flights to New York, hotel accommodation and a 4-day pass to one of the most awesome pop culture conventions in the world.

To win, all you have to do is join Curicon using your Facebook account and add 5 items from the Curicon library to your wish list and you’re in! Existing Curicon users can link their account to their Facebook and add 5 items to their wish list to enter.

Each entrant will be given a unique url code which they can share with their friends. What do you do with that? Well you can use it to help you ‘Win Double’. This means that you can bring a friend of your choice with you to New York Comic Con. Kabooooom readers can use a special code ” kab23mm0″ to get even more chances to win! 

To have a chance to ‘Win Double’, all you have to do is complete three simple steps;

Invite friends
Using the unique code given to you by Curicon upon entering the competition, you can share this with your friends. If you invite your friends and 10 of those friends enter the competition using your code, you’re well on your way to being in with a chance to win double.

Gain ‘Rep’ on Curicon
There are lots of things that boost your reputation on Curicon. Adding items to your collection, creating a wishlist, answering questions, writing reviews, submitting items to the library & posting in discussions. You could earn hundreds of extra entries just by using the site.

Curicon limited edition metal card codes
All of the Curicon limited edition collectable metal cards have codes on the back. Find and enter these codes to gain lots more entries into the competition.

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