Curicon’s Matt Byrne Talks Social Media & the Future of Collecting

What is Curicon you ask? If you took the “red pill” you made the right choice, welcome to the newest social network for collectors! Curicon is an online haven for the true geeks and nerds to share their collections for all to see. A social network where you can comment, trade, buy, sell, recommend where to find nerd treasure. The Curicon social community platform connects collectors by their interests all around the world. The library contains a wide variety of collectibles; almost 400 brands across 2,000 categories including comic books, action figures, dolls, vinyl figures, trading cards, miniatures and games consoles. Make sure to sign up and join Curicon HERE!

Curicon will also be attending NYCC 2012 for all the nerd festivities and they want you to know that they are running something special for the con. If you visit them at the con at booth #102  you can get your hands on a shiny EXCLUSIVE metal card. Only 2,000 of these will be made with 500 released per day, and the best part is they are FREE…if you accept a certain nerd challenge of course. So make sure to visit the booth, join the website, and take a home a shiny piece of Curicon with you.

We sat down with Curicon developer Matt Byrne to discuss Curicon, its future, its hopes, its dreams, where it wants to go to college, and why Curicon is the website for YOU!


Why does the average collector NEED Curicon?

If you collect more than just one thing, such as comic books, action figures, toys and vintage consoles, you will find yourself going to lots of different sites trying to find information on them and keeping track of what you have in your current collection. That problem extends to buying and selling – there isn’t any one platform that encompasses all you need for a meaningful buying or selling experience.

With Curicon, we have brought all of that together into a platform for collectors. We want you to be able to do everything in one place – manage your collection, get information from other collectors, buy, sell and trade – and get all of the benefits an integrated platform provides.

How will Curicon revolutionize collecting?

We’re going to change things for the better by putting collectors in the drivers seat and unlocking a better way to learn, share, display, meet, buy, sell and trade.

We like to think of Curicon as the new online home of the geek and pop-culture collector. Curicon covers Comics, Action Figures, Games, Consoles, Trading Cards, Designer and Art Toys, LEGO, Miniatures, Scale Models, Toys and more! Pretty much anything you would find at Comic-Con, that is what Curicon is all about.

Curicon currently blends a social network with a collectibles library and collection management system, something that doesn’t currently exist.

How will Curicon change how we buy & sell collectibles?

We have one dream at Curicon, and that is a world where all of the collectibles you have always wanted are discovered automatically, from all over the world and then presented to you in a way that makes it easy to select the things you really want to own.

We want fair prices for buyers and sellers and we want to give you a world-class marketplace service with no fees!

The collectibles market works best if everyone has more of an opportunity to offer their items to more people. We want to create that opportunity.

What is in store for Curicon over the next five years?

That is a big question! We have a secret 5-year plan for Curicon and we have one major goal in mind:

We want to create the best platform for collectors possible. We will be doing this by working with our great community and everyone will be a part of the process.

Will Curicon begin to see greater interactivity with other social media sites? Do you think it will replace any?

Our intention isn’t to replace any existing social media sites. Curicon is an interest-based complement to existing networks. We are definitely working on a greater integration with existing networks and you’ll see a lot of this over the next few months.

Ideally what do you want to see Curicon become in the online community?

The community is the most important part of Curicon. For us, it was always about building a community first and a marketplace second. My dream is to create the definitive place for collectors online. Somewhere you can share, learn, explore, trade and enjoy what is for many, a huge part of their lives. I would like “Curicon” to become synonymous with collecting.

What has been the best part of the development of Curicon? The worst?

The best part has been watching the community respond to new features and hearing from everyone on a daily basis. We have made great friends and partnerships throughout the collecting world so far, and we just keep meeting more and more awesome people everyday. I couldn’t be happier with the response we have had. I think people can see we are doing this with passion and love and they accept us and make us feel welcome into their circles.

The worst part is probably just the serious lack of sleep and being stuck inside all day. We might be nerds, but us Aussie nerds that live by the beach like to spend time there if we can!

There are a lot of collectibles out there in the world, what is the day-to-day process of managing Curicon?

Every morning, we wake up to find hundreds or even thousands of new items submitted by the community. There is obviously a process in accepting them into the library, and Aimee manages this. She’s like a human data machine and the Curicon library wouldn’t be anywhere near as awesome without her!

The rest of the team all check their individual accounts and respond to messages, jump into discussions and catch up on what happened over night.

The rest of the day is spent planning events, new promotions, thinking up crazy ideas, having meetings, planning new developments and reaching out to the greater collecting community. We’re really active on sites such as Facebook and Twitter too so Kerrie, our ‘Chief Tweeter’ spends a lot of the day on various social media channels chatting to our followers and posting internet memes!

On a personal note, what is the pride and joy of your collection?

For me, my pride and joy is owning every issue in Spectacular Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man and West Coast Avengers. All in near mint of course!

Anything else you want to share with us?

I just want to let everyone know that I appreciate all of the messages, emails and feedback I receive from the community each day. Your kind words and constructive criticism drive me to keep working hard on Curicon to one day make it the best place on the web for collectors.

I’m doing it all because I love comics, comic-con and geek pop-culture – I was born to be a super hero, I just don’t have any powers.


Big thanks to Matt for taking some time to talk to us! Curicon is THE new social network and marketplace for collectors of nerd and pop culture. Boasting a growing library of collectibles, the site provides features that are desperately needed by online collectors. Simple collection management and a social community platform connect collectors by their interests all around the world. You can follow the Curicon team on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and G+


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