That Rare Nerd Find: Comic Art Jam Pieces & You

Howdy fellow Kabooooom geeks, welcome to “That Rare Nerd Find” feature here at Kabooooom HQ. What is this feature exactly about you ask?! It’s about treasure, nerd treasure. Now as someone who has been collecting toys, comics, retro video games, signed memorabilia, rare books, and original comic book art for pretty much his whole life, I think it’s safe to assume that I am an aficionado on the subject. I am always on the prowl for rare and nostalgic nerdy items. This feature will focus on what I find in my travels but also provide you, my readers a brief history of my discoveries and the tips and tricks to use on your own personal quest.

Today I am featuring a piece of sweet original comic book art, a piece that over 10 artists contributed to making one glorious image on what is known as a jam piece.

As you can see this jam piece is all of one character, the mutant known as Multiple Man aka Jamie Madrox of X-Factor. If you know of Mr. Madrox his power is to make literal clones of himself. The great thing about this art jam is it stays true to the core elements of Jamie Madrox while being drawn by different artists. Ultimately it’s a really fun piece that sort of retains a sense of artistic continuity.

If you are ever going to a con looking to get artwork on a dime, a jam piece just might be the best option for you. All you need is to bring some paper (or preferably some comic art board) and ask your favorite artists to contribute. Now there are no guarantees but some artists if you are nice will give you a sketch for free or charge a relatively low rate. I also find the more artists that you get to contribute the more fun it becomes for everywhere. I.E. the quality of the piece becomes higher and your jam can turn into one sick piece of original comic book art.

Below in our gallery is clear examples of other jam pieces I found searching the Comic Art Fans galleries.

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