That Rare Nerd Find: Marvel Superheroes Cookbook

Howdy fellow Kabooooom geeks, welcome to “That Rare Nerd Find” feature here at Kabooooom HQ. What is this feature exactly about you ask?! It’s about treasure, nerd treasure. Now as someone who has been collecting toys, comics, retro video games, signed memorabilia, rare books, and original comic book art for pretty much his whole life, I think it’s safe to assume that I am an aficionado on the subject. I am always on the prowl for rare and nostalgic nerdy items. This feature will focus on what I find in my travels but also provide you, my readers a brief history of my discoveries and the tips and tricks to use on your own personal quest.

Today’s feature is quite the delicious find. The 1977 Official Mighty Marvel Superheroes’ Cookbook is the only licensed cookbook ever to be currently published by the house of ideas. Featuring the art of Joe Giella this book is a gem of true oddity and amusement. It was published with Simon & Schuster with what I assume was a single print run. After that initial print the book was never produced ever again which only adds to its rarity. The greatest thing about this book is the sheer absurdity of the recipes that involve the Marvel lineup of characters. Below is my absolute favorite image from the book…

Oh Spider-man, not even your Spider-Sense can save you from the impending kitchen nightmare. Since this book was only published once in 1977 you can imagine how difficult it is to find. On eBay and Amazon starting prices for a near mint copy start at two hundred dollars, WOWZERS!

Luckily here is my advice for today’s post; don’t disregard attending the small comic conventions. Some of the best and rare stuff I find are at the really small cons. The cons that are in a hotel lobbies, outside, or in some non-descript shady warehouse in Brooklyn. In this case I found this cookbook at such a con for only $20. WHAT A STEAL.

With all the money I saved I now have enough money to buy ingredients for “Thor’s Cabbage Rolls.”

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