Kabooooom Quickies: Eric M. Esquivel

Eric M. Esquivel has had a busy year. When Kabooooom last spoke with him, he was months away from the launch of his book, Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ. Since then, Eric has been going non-stop and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. He was present at Amazing Arizona Comic Con last weekend, and was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with Kabooooom’s Rush Urbalejo about what he has in store for 2013.


Last time we spoke was Phoenix Comicon, and a lot’s happened since then.

Yeah, it was a while ago! I’m working for BOOM! [Studios] now, which I’m really excited about. I’m doing a book called Freelancers for them, which is a lot of fun. A lot of fun.

You’re about three issues in now, right?

Yeah, I took it with issue #2. I am now the series writer, so I’ll do everything from now on. Ian Brill and I co-wrote issue #2 and now I’m flying solo in issue #3. Ian Brill does Dracula World Order and Darkwing Duck, and he’s awesome.

So, what else do you have coming from Boom this year?

Nothing I can announce right now but a lot of stuff in the works that I’m pitching around but Freelancers is where I’m at right now. I’m actually having a blast doing it.

Tell us a little more about it!

It’s a really fun book! It’s about two girls who grew up in a kung-fu orphanage and they’re now adults and became bounty hunters so that they don’t ever have to be poor ever again. So, they do anything it takes to make money, to not be back on the streets again. So, every issue they either have to solve a crime or commit a crime or…So, it’s a lot of fun. Being a freelance writer I relate to the characters a lot, too. I mean, I’m hustling for money every day just like they are, so it’s a lot of fun.

You’ve worked with few publishers now. Moonstone, Big Dog Ink, BOOM!. Do you feel that BOOM! is the best fit so far?

Every company I work with has different strengths and weaknesses and they all kind of do their own thing, which is really fun. I’m just really honored to work with all of them, frankly. Right now, with Moonstone, I’m doing a book called The Spider’s Web, which is a bunch of pulp characters from the 1930’s and 40’s, like Airboy and The Spider, and Golden Amazon…Characters that are 40 years older than I am so it’s an honor to be working on them. For Big Dog Ink, I’m doing a book called The In Crowd, which is a four issue miniseries full of teen superheroes. So, I’m creating characters for that called Barnacle and Poseidon, and that’s my version of Aquaman. I bitch on every panel I’m on about how much I hate the new Aquaman so this is me putting my money where my mouth is and writing my own version of a Namor/Aquaman-type character called Poseidon and his young son Barnacle. So that’s fun over there. I’m also doing a horror series with them starting next year, ongoing. That’s all I can say so I’ll hit you up next time! I’m also pitching to Top Cow. A lot of stuff in the works right now.

So this is already a busy year for you! Not only are you working on pretty much everything, you have a few cons this year, right? You have Amazing Arizona Comic Con, Phoenix Comicon, San Diego, I think C2E2 as well, right?

Yeah, I haven’t been back to Illinois for 10 years, that’s where I’m from. BDI is flying me out for that, so that’s really cool. I was really excited that BOOM! wanted to have me for this show. I’ve never tabled with BOOM! before, these guys are all amazing. It’s cool just being around these books and these creators, it’s really energizing.

Lately, there’s been a lot of gun violence, a lot of terrible things going on and a lot of blame being thrown. One of those scapegoats is comics. Considering your comics can be a bit violent, do you feel that comics really do have any sort of negative impact on society when it comes to violence?

It’s funny, you know, the knee-jerk reaction is that I want to say “no” because I don’t want it to be true, but I know that a lot of who I am came from comics. Everything I think is good about me came from reading old Superman and Aquaman and Batman and Spider-Man. So, if they had that much of an effect, then maybe it’s true negatively too. I do have a book called The Blackest Terror, which is about a very violent revolutionary. He’s not a really likable character but people dig it because it’s a fun story but he himself, you wouldn’t want to have a drink with him. He is a terrorist, he’s just on the side of the just, usually. I’m continuing his stories in a book called Ghetto Manga which is put out by SAMAX AMEN four times a year. It’s like a hip-hop comic book kind of magazine. The next comic is coming out from that publisher and issue #2 deals directly with that and my thoughts and feelings on that.


A huge thanks to Eric for sitting and chatting with us. As you can see, he will be hitting a few major conventions this year so stop and say hello! If you’re interested in keeping up with Eric online, check out his Twitter and his site!

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