E3 Reactions: Sony’s Doing it Right

The king has returned.

This thought must have been running through many minds as Sony finished their keynote speech at E3 which seemed to trump everything that Microsoft and Nintendo presented. The PlayStation 4’s $399 price point, $100 less than the Xbox One, and the lack of DRM will make the console a juggernaut this holiday season.

For those of you who haven’t seen the keynote by now can watch the whole 2+ hour event here, while those of you just want to see the highlights can check the recap video from TechnoBuffalo below:

Microsoft’s keynote didn’t gain them any sympathy due to the DRM guidelines of their games, the online connectivity needed every 24 hours to play those games and the price-point of the system. As the keynote went on, it seemed like they were slowly digging their own grave as they smiled at the crowd. Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, on the other hand, giddily announced the features of the PS4, each like they were the final nails being driven into the Xbox One’s coffin.

The system wasn’t the only highlight, though, as the plentiful titles announced and showcased brought cheers in the crowd throughout the keynote. Watch Dogs, Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny were all multi-platform titles that had gorgeous gameplay with interesting features.

Watch Dogs is going to have a tablet/mobile phone interconnectivity which looked like the map for the game would have the option to be displayed onto an external device, but, details weren’t confirmed. Elder Scrolls Online will have a PS4 exclusive beta period and Destiny will have an interesting mobile access/social media feature connected to it that will seemingly allow players to access certain aspects of the game through it. The final details haven’t been confirmed but it looks to be like a massive undertaking by Bungie.

Tetsuya Nomura, Video Game Director and Character Designer at Square Enix, also appeared during the keynote with announcements of his own. The long awaited Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been rebranded as Final Fantasy XV, this game has been in the making for over seven years and seeing any forward movement on it is amazing, and the crowd was treated to stunning gameplay as the characters took down waves of foes and massive Behemoths. The final teaser Nomura showed may have easily broke Tumblr and the Internet that night as it was announced that Kingdom Hearts III had gone into development.

Sony didn’t stop at the Triple-A titles, they made sure to drive it home to Independent developers that they were more than welcome to come to their system and that self developing is available. This, too, was a shot at Microsoft as the One doesn’t seem to be too Independent developer friendly.

If the quick verbal digs at Microsoft weren’t enough, Sony also released this used game instructional video to inform the public on how to get rid of/share their games. Check it out below:

While the video does confirm that players will need PlayStation Plus to play multiplayer games online, many gamers already pay for Xbox Live to do the same. As long as the servers are kept running and nothing is constantly crashing, PlayStation Plus is a good online service to have with some great perks (read: lots of free games and specials).

Sony stole the show with their sass and definitely stole back the hearts of unsure fans they had once lost to the wily charm of Microsoft with the PS4, at least, I can attest to that.

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