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New to Netflix RevRevolution is a series set in a post-apocalyptic world where the laws of electricity no longer work as computers, phones, cars, lights, planes and even batteries black out suddenly and mysteriously. The world is forced back into pre-dated methods of living, the government falls, and a new world is built. The series begins 15 years after the loss of electricity and follows Charlie as she works to reunite her family after the new government called the Monroe Militia, takes her brother. With the help of a few rag-tag characters, she heads to Chicago to find her uncle and ask for his help.

The idea of a show where the world is forced to live without the conveniences that it depends on so greatly was exciting, but even with such an intriguing premise Revolution fails to live up to expectations.

Unfortunately, both the storyline and the characters are too weak to hold this series up. The characters are cliché and range from dull and boring to downright annoying. Charlie held the potential to be a strong, confident, independent and bold female character. Instead she is whiny, weepy, and in most cases a hindrance to the group. Her brother, Danny, is no better as he behaves like a 5 year-old child in a 16 year-old body. One example of his immaturity is when he foolishly decides to raise a weapon at the militia, and gets someone killed because of it. Miles, the uncle, is probably the best character of the bunch but even he is a stereotypical action adventure hero who is great at everything and deeply conflicted about something that he won’t share with the group.

For a group of people who have been living a decade and a half in post-apocalyptic mayhem, they are unbelievably inexperienced and unprepared for the life that they are living. It is as if they were held in a tiny pocket of suburbia where the hardships of survival were never bestowed upon them and teenage temper tantrums were still considered acceptable.

If the blatant disregard to character development isn’t enough to deter a viewer, then the plot should do the trick. As the storyline develops, it is riddled with holes and inconsistencies that are so distracting that they take the enjoyment out of watching, or even following the main story.Giancarlo

For instance, this new civilization reverts to muskets. From the large selection of non-electrical weapons, they chose the most complex and useless when it comes to fire-fights. Modern day ammunition may not be easy to make without electricity, but it is possible, and it would surely be more efficient to arm the militia with firearms that are both more dependable and easier to use than muskets. This is most apparent in fight scenes, where the militiamen are easily defeated while they clamber about trying to reload their weapons one musket ball at a time.

In addition, the fight scenes are campy, predictable, and unrealistic. There is even a moment where everyone pauses for one long, drawn out, dramatic moment between Miles and Charlie. The dialogue is even worse than the plot holes, drenched in dramatic monologues preaching about “taking the moral high road” and “doing what’s right” that are almost always accompanied with more tears.

After such a promising concept that could have produced an amazing series, Revolution failed to hit its mark. With inaccurate science, underdeveloped plot, and cookie cutter characters, this episode is the trifecta of terrible.



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