Peter Capaldi to Play 12th Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’

Fans of the series Doctor Who have been eagerly waiting for the 12th Doctor to be unveiled ever since Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor, announced he would be leaving the series in June.

Speculations have run rampant and almost every fan of the series had an opinion on who should be cast as the new Time Lord.  Even stars such as Helen Mirren (who felt it is time for a gay, black, female Doctor) have weighed in with their casting opinions.  Yesterday, BBC America revealed the actor who would be taking the TARDIS to new adventures will be none other than The Thick of It actor, Peter Capaldi.


The announcement was not necessarily shocking to those who have been following the casting rumors over the past few months but many fans will be waiting for the first episodes featuring the new Doctor to truly form an opinion.

After all, Capaldi seems a bit of an odd choice, if only because of his age.  The Doctor’s regenerations have always been a bit younger than the actor that they are replacing, and Capaldi, at 55 years old, is the oldest actor to ever be cast as the Doctor since William Hartnell (the first Doctor), while the actor he will be replacing, Matt Smith, was the youngest actor to be cast.

While Capaldi did promise viewers that they will receive the explanation for this shift in age, it is a bit tough to go from one Doctor to the next when the age difference spans so many years.  Still, when watching Doctor Who, one must suspend disbelief and with the stories that head writer Steven Moffat has been telling, fans can be sure that the next Doctor will do his best to solidify his place in the Doctor Who universe.

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