“POW! POW!” Exhibition at Phone Booth Gallery

pow pow

Pop art fans, rejoice! Lora Zombie and Sandra Chevrier’s “POW! POW!” two-person exhibition is now on display at the Long Beach based Phone Booth Gallery. The show features artistic subversion of popular comic books and famous superheroes through Zombie’s cheeky acrylics and Chevrier’s dramatic mixed media pieces.

Russian artist Lora Zombie is well-known for her raw and colorful artwork, heavily influenced by both grunge and street art. In recent years, she’s gained an online cult following, and has since transitioned into the gallery scene. “POW! POW!” marks the third time her work has been featured at Phone Booth Gallery.

Sandra Chevrier is an artist based in Canada, with work printed in international publications from American modern art magazines Hi Fructose and Juxtapoz to South Korean Public Art Magazine. Her “Cages” series, featured in “POW! POW!”, encases women in masks and raises questions about identity and entrapment.

Take a peek at some of the stunning artwork from “POW! POW!” below, and then head over to the Phone Booth Gallery’s website for the full exhibition and official press release. The show will run through September 11th, both online and at Phone Booth Gallery’s physical location.

2533 East Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 415-8822
Open Thursday – Sunday, 12 – 5pm

(Images via Phone Booth Gallery)

The Cage and the Need to Live - Sandra Chevrier
The Cage and the Need to Live by Sandra Chevrier
The Cage Who Failed - Sandra Chevrier
The Cage Who Failed by Sandra Chevrier
The Cage Where the Day Rises on a Desperate Landscape by Sandra Chevrier
Falling Superheroes - Lora Zombie
Falling Superheroes – Lora Zombie
Aquaman by Lora Zombie
Aquaman by Lora Zombie
Batgirl - Lora Zombie
Batgirl by Lora Zombie

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