Sunday Movie Scoop – 8.4.13

Sunday Scoop is a weekly feature keeping you up-to-date on the best movie news from around the web. This week, we have trailers for American Hustle and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, details on a superhero A-lister’s directorial debut, exciting sequel news, and more!

  • Originally slated to be released on October 25, Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake is being pushed back until November.
  • Criterion has posted baby photos of some of the world’s most influential auteurs, including Buñuel, Bergman, Ozu, Kurosawa, Fassbinder, and Kubrick. D’aww.
  • Award-grubbing Weinstein Company has their eyes on Oscars glory with the acquisition of Populaire, a movie about… typing?
Déborah François in the Weinstein Co.'s Populaire. Image via The Weinstein Co.
Déborah François in the Weinstein Co.’s Populaire.
Image via The Weinstein Co.
  • Just in case you didn’t get enough blue aliens, mystical trees, and questionable braid relations with animals the first time around, James Cameron and 20th Century Fox have promised not one, not two, but three more upcoming Avatar movies.
  • Captain America’s directing a movie? Following in the tradition of fellow Bostonian actor-directors Eli Roth and Ben Affleck, actor Chris Evans is set to direct and star in the upcoming indie rom-com 1:30 Train. Written by Ronald Bass (Rain Man, Entrapment) and produced by McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision, filming is scheduled to begin this fall.
This is his ‘I’M A SERIOUS DIRECTOR’ pose.
Image via The LA Times.
  • After years of aborted attempts to adapt Akira to a live-action film, plans to repurpose the 1988 anime classic seem to be back in swing.
  • Two delightfully offbeat trailers debuted this week – Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and David O. Russell’s American Hustle. Check them out below.

  • Rumor has it that writer Anthony Peckham (Invictus, Sherlock Holmes) has been tapped to pen the next installment in the Bourne franchise.
  • Casting directors now have their very own branch within the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  • Speaking of sequels, if you’re a fan of foul-mouthed British comedy, you’ll be pleased to learn that another Inbetweeners movie is in the works!
The Inbetweeners Movie
James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, and Simon Bird in The Inbetweeners.

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