“3NES Show” at Bottleneck Gallery!

1271799_538464379558374_399721146_o_grandePop artist Chogrin rounds out his “3” art show trilogy with the anticipated 3NES Show at Brooklyn’s very own Bottleneck Gallery. Displaying the work of more than fifty artists, the show pays homage to Nintendo’s three biggest classic titles: Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, and Metroid. Each artist was asked to create three pieces for the show, one for each title. 3NES features traditional 2D artwork in addition to paper cubecraft, felts, and sculptures from artists like German Orozco, Jason Levesque, JP Valderrama, and Kathleen Sanders.

3NES opened last Friday, September 6th, to an enthusiastic crowd and an overwhelmingly positive response. Check out more photos from the opening reception over at Bottleneck Gallery’s Facebook photo album. The show will run through September 22nd, and pieces are now up for purchase on the Bottleneck Gallery online shop. Scroll down for a peek at what’s available!

Bottleneck Gallery: 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11249
Open Thursday – Sunday, 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Andrew Kolb – “Terrarium #1 (Zelda)”, “Terrarium #2 (Mario)”, “Terrarium #3 (Metroid)”
Bobby O’Herlihy – “Hero, To Arms!: Link”, “Hero, To Arms!: Mario”, “Hero, To Arms!: Samus”
Carlos Lerma – “Triforce – Courage” (Mario), “Triforce – Power” (Link), “Trifore – Wisdom” (Samus)
JP Valderrama – “I Hunt to Save Another Life”, “Ignite the Flame”, “Wish Upon A Triforce”
Jorsh Pena – “It’s Too Dangerous To Go Alone”, “Pray For A True Peace In Space”, “Thanks Mario”
Luke Butland – “The Bounty Hunter”, “The Masked One”, “The Plumber”

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