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Every once in awhile, so much television news is released in a week that it is hard for everyone to keep up with, and this week was one of those weeks!  We here at Kabooooom have gathered all of the most interesting information for your convenience!

The Witches of East End Are on Fire in this New Artwork

Lifetime’s new show, The Witches of East End, will be premiering on October 6 and Entertainment Weekly has released some new artwork for the show featuring cast members Julia Ormond, Madchen Amick, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and Rachael Boston.  You can take a look at all four character posters over at ET’s website.


The show will be based on the bestselling novel by Melissa de la Cruz and will center the Beauchamp family as two of the youngest members of the family realize their power.

Fans of the novel will recognize many of their favorite characters but must remember that the show is only “loosely” based on the source material, which provides Lifetime with the opportunity to weave new tales featuring fan favorite characters.

This can go either way, either expanding the mythology in a way that fans connect with, or getting hopelessly lost along the way (as with Under the Dome). Hopefully, Lifetime won’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Audrey Raines May Live Another Day

Kim Raver, the actress behind 24’s Audrey Raines, looks as if she will be making a return to the character in the new series 24: Live Another Day.  While nothing has been finalized, sources are reporting that negotiations are in full swing and things are looking positive.  If Raines signs on, she will join 24 veterans Kiefer Sutherland as series lead Jack Bauer, and Mary Lynn Rajskub as fan favorite Chloe O’Brian.

 If Raver does return, it will be interesting to see how her character fits into the story, as she was left in a vegetative state at the end of the original series.  Fans will no doubt have plenty of theories as to how the character will be brought back but all their questions should be answered when the spinoff premiers in spring of 2014.

The Breaking Bad Spinoff is Moving Forward (Whether Fans Want it or Not)

 saul-goodmanThe Breaking Bad spinoff, Better Call Saul, was first announced earlier this year, though it seemed more of a musing than an actual plan.  Now, AMC has confirmed that the spinoff will be moving forward.  While Breaking Bad is one of the best series’ on television, and Saul Goodman is definitely a fan favorite, a spinoff starring Bob Odenkirk’s “criminal lawyer” may not be the best plan.

The weekly hour long show is planned as a prequel to the events that transpire in Breaking Bad, which allows room to bring back other fan favorites such as Mike Ehrmantraut and Gus Fring.  However, the chances of seeing Jesse or Walt are slim to none, and most fans would agree that the relationship between the two is one of the strongest aspects of Breaking Bad.  As more details are revealed, fans will have more of an idea of what they can expect from the new show and, perhaps, they may even see something that gets them excited for the spinoff.

Doctor Who Reveals a New Posterday-of-the-doctor-small

Whovians will no doubt be very excited with this poster which was released by BBC to promote Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special.  Unlike many other posters that have been released by various upcoming television series’ lately, this poster actually gives fans some great information that will build anticipation for the return of the series.  The anniversary special, titled “The Day of the Doctor”, will air on BBC on November 23.


FX Stalks American Psycho

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Lionsgate Television and FX are teaming up to develop a television sequel to the novel, “American Psycho”.  The novel was given film treatment back in 2000 with Christian Bale playing the lead character, Patrick Bateman.  As of yet, there is no word whether the series will be connected to the film or if it will be a sequel to the novel directly but this is definitely a show that American Psycho fans should keep an eye on.

Which shows are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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