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Welcome to Next Gen! One of the joys of today’s video game culture is that it’s accessible to everyone.  Gone are the nights where Atari 5200s sat in a gamer’s basement and an evening of Quake was meant only for your most trusted associates.  Whether one wishes to partake in it is another question entirely, but the world of gaming today offers an “in” for people to connect across generations and reconnect on a level accessible to all.  

We’re all familiar with the iconic image of a father taking his son to his first baseball game.  Video games gives us a mirror image of that world, where a son or daughter can teach his parents all about how to get through the water temple in Ocarina of Time or cheer on their grandmother as she gets the last starite in Scribblenauts.  What will become of this new platform is still yet to be seen, but if anything, it’s a great time to be a gamer. – Tim Jones

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Tim Jones is an ardent fan of the world of comics. When not reading an old Foxtrot collection or doodling, Tim Jones is usually sailing or freerunning. Follow him on Twitter: @Timjones296

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