An Interview with Brittany Harrell, Drummer of Veara

This past weekend, a band that is up and coming and most certainly an important staple within the pop punk scene played at Amityville Music Hall in Long Island, NY: VEARA.  Throughout all the hectic process of setting up drum kits, tuning guitars, and checking sound levels, Brittany Harrell, the band’s drummer, was kind enough to talk about VEARA and their new record “Growing Up Is Killing Me.”

Justin Camos: I know this about your third or fourth show since your new record released on Tuesday, how have the shows been so far?

Brittany Harrell: They’ve been super awesome and everyone seems to have been digging the new tracks.  It’s very humbling to see kids out there singing our songs every night.

Justin:  I’ve been a fan since your first record “What We Left Behind” and that was released quite some time ago in 2010.  Any particular reason why you waited so long to release another full length?

 Brittany: Thanks so much!  We all have day jobs when we go back home to Georgia. Recording costs money, touring, mixing, mastering; it all costs money.  So we had to wait until it was the right time for us to get back in the studio and I’m glad we waited because we’re all super stoked on how it came out.

 Justin:  I’m glad too. The new record still sounds like a VEARA record and that’s always a relief for a lot of fans. What was your role throughout the writing process?

Brittany: Yeah, we don’t really think too much about trying to please anyone but ourselves.  We play music we like to play and I think everyone digs that about us.  I try to contribute as much as I can, but Brad and Bryan lay a lot of the work down.  I just play the drums!

Justin:  What are your expectations or goals for this first leg of the tour?

Brittany:  We really just want to be playing shows for our fans and giving them the best we have to offer.  Other than that, maybe earn enough money for gas to get back home (chuckles).

Justin:  I know that feeling! Thank you so much for sticking around. It’s a pleasure to have talked with you and I’ll be in the pit for “Better Off Without You!”

 Brittany:  Awesome man! Thanks to you too, you guys killed it!

A video from Brittany and co’s performance can be found above! To learn more about VEARA and their new album check out their website.

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