Get Psyched On It! Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell’s Kickstarter Ends Today – Donate Now!

tumblr_m7zrtf6Fge1qcka0aFor those not in the know, Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell is a webcomic weighing in at over 360 pages in length about the young, the hip and the karmically unbalanced. DCIGTH finished its four and a half year run this past summer, wrapping up what is truly a genuine representation of young life, with supernatural creatures crashing on your couch.

Creatd by Sophie Goldstein and Jennifer Jordan, the comic follows Darwin Carmichael, an unfortunately karmically poor guy, his friends/apartment crashers, and his companion Skittles – the most heartwarming manticore in any known literature – as they live focusing on life’s small victories. Goldstein, a participant in the Sleep for Reason horror anthology Kickstarter and featured artist in Best American Comics 2013 edited by Jeff Smith (BONE), and Jennifer Jordan, a PHD student in Medieval Studies at SUNY Stony-Brook, create a complex marriage of comedy, 20-something problems and actual impending doom for your immortal soul!

In mid-November, Goldstein and Jordan launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund bringing a full-color, printed collection of Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell to life! Meeting its original goal in under 48 hours, Darwin Carmichael fans have continued to meet push goals to improve the book’s look and give fans even more of Sophie and Jen’s dream book.

Interested? I know I am, but I read the whole thing already. You can take a look at their wonderful comic in full here.

2013-12-09-LastPush_WebsiteToday the webcomic’s Kickstarter will be ending. Here’s why you should get psyched about it!

The book will be a complete full-color, hardcover collection of the Darwin Carmichael story with footnotes, a beautiful bookplate, bookmark ribbon and a spot-gloss cover.

If that isn’t enough of an enticing book to you, the Kickstarter offers a number of opportunities for original artwork and mini-comics by Sophie Goldstein, like her stories, Edna II, Mothership Blues and the children’s book, Poopy Claws, written by Gene Ambaum and illustrated by Goldstein.

There are also chances to grab a Skittles tote bag and plush doll (the latter of which sold out enough tiers to warrant a second batch of those hand-made squish things!) and so much more! All these rewards will make your Darwin Carmichael experience an incredibly personal and thoughtful journey from creators who care deeply about the characters they may or may not have doomed for all eternity.

Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell’s Kickstarter has a little less than a day left–so get psyched! get donating! and get reading!

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