Next Gen: War Games


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Heroes and Generals is a game I discovered via the Yogscast, and from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty good.  In essence, Heroes and Generals is a World War II game where strategy and strength combine to achieve victory.  The game combines FPS elements (Heroes) with a strategic turn based war game (Generals) in a unique way.  The generals decide who goes where, what supplies his or her units get, and where to fight.  The winner of these fights is usually determined by the foot soldiers on the ground, which is where the FPS elements come into play.  I’ve only played the heroes part of the game (for bettor or worse.  I think the U.S. lost the Rhineland solely because I was involved) but it’s a new experience in gaming.  Knowing that I’m not just playing on a random server, but was chosen by another player to fight in a particular battle, to achieve a particular objective, adds an air of responsibility and livens up what is otherwise an overplayed genre of gaming.

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